Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Embrace Hard

Yesterday I read a blog that really spoke to me. The gal had decided to embrace hard. (I wish I remembered which blog it was, I'd put the link in) I wrote those words in my journal immediately. I knew they spoke to me, but didn't know why. Last night, when I was doing my weights I realized on what level this mantra had hit me.

I haven't been embracing hard at all. I've been embracing doing. Lots of us have been. It is evident when you read "I'm working out for hours, but nothing is happening". I'm the poster child. I do weights, I run, I curl, I walk, I do yoga, I belly dance. I do not embrace hard. I do. I stop just a whisper before hard. Hard is uncomfortable. This really hit home last night at the gym.

I did my 12 reps of my first exercise and I thought, eh, that was good. But I realized I could do more. The last rep I had done had just twinged on uncomfortable. Then I looked down at my journal. I had those words written at the top of the page. I embrace hard. This was my ah ha moment. I upped my reps to 15 for all of my exercises and was panting in the next minute! Who would think that 3 extra reps 3 times would make that much of a difference? Well, let me tell you, it does! And I feel like a weight lifting rock star today - I swear my muscles feel HUGE!! ;-)

I'm quite looking forward to my run today. I'm going to embrace hard while I do that too!

The gym was quite quiet last night. I'm really enjoying going to the gym with husband on Wednesday evenings. We don't workout side by side even, he uses machines, I use free weights. But it is nice being able to look up and see him there. Plus, he looks REALLY hot when he's working out. MMMM, he is so yummy!

We had a really stressful day yesterday. 46 people were layed off from husband's company. So awful. Husband was quite upset. We are still reeling from it all.

Manicotti for dinner tonight from that cookbook. Mmm, can't wait. I think it will be goooood. I don't have turkey though - will be using ground beef.

Aside from my run, I have belly dance tonight. We should be learning more of our choreography. Once I learn it all, I may use my daughter's mac to record a video to show you all. I really like the music we are doing it to.

OK, enough computer time. Have a healthy day bloggers!


  1. I like the idea of embracing hard. I will try to do that with my upper body weights as my lower body gets a brief vacation this week.

  2. How inspirational! Enjoy your workouts today.

  3. great post. it's easy to get stuck in a fitness rut... we all should remind ourselves to EMBRACE HARD!

  4. But "Embracing Hard" will make me sweat more and I hate to sweat. Just kiddinng :o) what a great thought. I'll have to "Emrbrace Hard" the next time I exercise. I know it will make me feel as exuberant as you :o)

  5. I love the idea of embracing hard!

  6. I also have to learn to feel hungry. Not too hungry, but stop feeding the anticipation of hungry. And embrace hard - hard work makes hard muscles!

  7. great job in embracing the hard (I love that notion as well).

    so true that with the weights and with life it is that last HAAAAAAAAAAARD piece which makes us grow.

  8. I love your comment about your hubby at the gym.

    that is a lot of layoffs. Yikes! What kind of company is it?

  9. Gosh, I'm so glad to see that my post inspired you so much! How funny!

    Sounds like you did great at the gym!