Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Banging my head against the wall - how many activity pts is that?

Just in case I needed further proof about how important your food intake is.....

This morning I woke up feeling SKINNY. I have been following my fitness plan with both weights and running, playing with the Wii Fit. Of course I feel skinny. I can tell my posture has improved. I think I stand up straighter when I'm following a balanced plan just because I'm proud.

I forgot (yes, actually forgot) to weigh yesterday, so off I toodled first thing this morning, down two level to the scale. Up 2.7. F*ck. F*ck. F*ck. I peruse my handy dandy fitbook. Hmmm, when husband asked if I wanted a beer and clam, I said yes....I then got the munchies.....when I was coming home from the gym after my LSD run I was feeling peckish and so I purchased chips...you get the idea. I wrote down everything I ate. And, oh, what a week I had. The high I got from all the exercise made me think I needed more junk food.

80% diet, 20% exercise. I know this. And yet, I seem to need to reinforce it ONE MORE TIME!!!!!

So, my positive that I am taking from this week is that I did, in fact, stick to my exercise plan. I followed a well balanced fitness plan to the letter. My heart is healthier this week than it was last week. As I mentioned, my posture is already better.

This week I also learned the importance of filling myself with quality foods. Not all points are equal. Journalling is only useful if you go back and look to see where you went wrong. Another lesson learned. Phew! I'm tired from all this learning!! ;-)

I went to the Club right away this a.m. after dropping daughter at the bus. Good time to go for sure. No one was there yet. Most of the other stay at homers seem to come after 9:00. Anyhooo, I had to do a 6.5k run this morning, which went really well (in that I felt good while doing it). Sadly, a really old guy walking on a treadmill 3 or 4 down fell. OMG! I felt so bad for him. He went right off the end and really scrapped up his knees. He is like two years younger than God and wears a head gear hearing aid and he is up there every day working out. He even does weights - it's kinda cute. Anyhow, I felt awful. He had lots of help getting up right away. I'm sure he was embarrassed.

I also worked on my trouble spots today. It was hard to get through the second set - just because I was tired from the run. But I got it done.

Not much on the agenda today. Get some housework done. Puppy is at doggy daycare so it will be easier to vacuum.

Have a healthy day bloggers!


  1. Way to go on getting to the gym early before it gets too crowded!!

    I with you in that I struggle with the eating...exercise I do because I love it but the eating...such a struggle.

  2. wow - you are my exercise idol - you go girl.
    Any chance that some of that gain is due to increase of muscle??

  3. So you had a slip up... you ROCK! You are physically getting stronger and you are, in no way giving up on yourself. You probably lost that 2.5 lbs during your run!!

    Keep with the positive thinking and focus a little more on your snacking... your doing great!

  4. I've reverted back to food journaling because it really is a80:20 Rule. Good for being observant about your slips and for being positive about your accomplishments.

    My gym has been DEAD since NYE I don't understand it.

  5. My biggest motivation for going to the gym in the early morning is the fact that it's less busy at that time. I hate it when it's super crowded. My gym always seems to start getting busy just as I'm leaving...mainly because the daycare opens at 9am and generally there's some class starting at the same time.

  6. Thanks for stopping by!

    I love your Nike girl, I wish you weren't all fancy and using the metric system because I can't compare our stats, but then you said 6.5 run, and I am all like, yeah, no comparison really.

  7. Good job on the exercise. Wish I had your stick-to-itive-ness. Wanna send some my way :o)

    Actually I'm getting off here right now and doings some. See YA!

  8. I wish it were 20% food, 80% excercise! :)

  9. Amen on the filling foods comment...I used to be REALLY terrible with that (now I am only SLIGHTLY LESS terrible...)

    I LOVE Beer and Clam!!! I hated that in Vegas NOBODY had Clamato juice but then we went into a convenience store (where they sold alcohol!) and they had beer with Clamato already in IT!!!! And it was a tallboy...I drank it on Freemont Street!

  10. the "two years younger than God" made me roar!

    Your are a total exercise Goddess!

    tash @http://workhardeatwell.wordpress.com/

  11. I saw on TV yesterday that banging your head for an hour burns like 150 calories. I wouldn't recommend it though. :)