Sunday, May 18, 2008

We Rocked that Canyon!

Did my weights yesterday. The Club was pretty empty because of the long weekend. It was nice.

Once daughter was done with her tutor, we headed for the mountains. As did everyone in the city. Took our walk up the Canyon. Puppy did well. We did have to carry him once, but that was because we were on the catwalk over the creek and he got scared. There were so many people coming down the path we had to squeeze WAY over. Puppy didn't like being close to the edge at all. Poor baby. He did really well with his barking though. Didn't bark at any people, just the dogs we passed. I had a bit of a panic attack (I'm afraid of heights), but I pushed through it.

Anyhow, it was a nice day. Picked up Swiss Chalet on the way home. Mmmm, so tasty. And the point count for it is in one of my food companion books. I love that! Today we are hitting the mall. Both daughter & I need new bras. I have gone down a size. Yay me! Tonight is our big dinner out. Can't wait - should be good times.

Speaking of which, thanks to all who offered their opinion. I have lots of flex left for tonight, and if I manage my day properly, the salad & tenderloin should fit nicely. I will have to manage tomorrow well with my water intake though to be sure I'm de-bloated for weigh in on Tuesday. I'm thinking I will be drinking red wine tonight. I find it hard to choke down more than a glass of that. I don't have a stop button for white.

As for exercise today.....likely a leisurely walk with dog. I need a day to rest. And it is already so warm....well, at least it is in my house!

Ok bloggers - go forth and be healthy!!!


  1. Sweet rockin it out with the family. Have a great dinner :)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful walk up the canyon, except for the heights part. Glad you enjoyed it.