Thursday, May 15, 2008

Still So Sore

I am still so sore from Monday's workout with the trainer that I am literally dreading my session later this morning. Ugh.

Planned after that is the post trainer run on the treadmill. Although, as I type this, I wonder if I should run outside with the dog. It is SO nice out. Seems a shame to miss actual nice weather. Plus then I get the actual, real stats from my Garmin.

You know, the weather man on the radio said that this is only the 2nd time in 5 years that our city will have had a nice May long weekend. Imagine. Of course, now everyone is talking about planting their flowers. Which they will do, and then in a week or two we will get a freak snow dump and then I will have to listen to them all complain. Sheesh.

So, America's Next Top Model? I was so happy with the final two that I honestly didn't care which one won. I was excited though to see them make such a bold move in picking the winner.

So, I had a minor melt down yesterday. It was completely stress triggered. By around 7:00 though, I had pulled myself out of my funk, figured out my plan to move forward.

I'm trying to talk my family into going for a hike this weekend in the mountains. So far I have come up against quite a few roadblocks, but I think in the end we will be able to get out. I really need to get daughter moving more. She goes in spurts and really doesn't understand that you need to be active everyday. I think I will be putting her on dog duty after the long weekend. Right away after school, before she has time to do anything else. I showed her a route yesterday that is just over 3k and an easy walk uphill for 1/2 of it.

Husband is also trying to organize a dinner out with another couple for this weekend. As a thank you to them for a favour they did us. Anyhow, I'm stressed about that because I don't want to have to work my way through the minefield of a restaurant and I don't want the people to know I'm on WW. I know, I shouldn't be ashamed, and normally I'm not, but then if they know you are watching your choices, then every choice you make is scrutinized, and I don't like the attention. Of course, I could just get over myself, but where's the mental anguish in that?

So, I have 2 weeks to keep my head in the game before my reunion. 2 weeks. I can't afford any more melt downs. My girlfriend doesn't even have her dress yet. I hope she gets one soon. I have two that I'm trying to decide between. Closer to "the day" I may post both on my picture blog to get your opinions.

Have a healthy day bloggers!


  1. 2 weeks is nothing, you can totally do it. I can relate to not wanting to tell people you are on a diet - I don't like to do that either, just get a little paranoid about it.

  2. Your Garmin called and said it wanted to run outside. Totally agree about the gardening. When we first bought our house my dad (avid gardener, lives in Ontario) could not understand that things die around here. Everything in my yard gets burnt to a crisp in July. Gardening here is a full time job that I am not interested in holding.

  3. Now that the weather is turning nice, I am trying to spend the nice days doing outside activities (rollerblading, biking, hiking walking) and spending the nasty days on the treadmill. I think it makes me not resent doing it so much that way!

  4. You are one busy girl. Hope things work out the way you want them this weekend and you get to go to the mountains for the hike.

    Have a great weekend whatever you do.