Thursday, May 01, 2008


I had to post tonight. I had a sabotage attempt again during my personal training session today.

I thought I was being paranoid about my friend trying to derail my running (you all remember the whole you can't run two days in a row conversation on Monday), but today....

We did our session which was the 8 body weight exercises. I find this particular routine unbelievably hard. My heart just races, I got dizzy 3 times. Anyhow, we finish up, and we are stretching and friend asks if I'm going to run. I say that I'm thinking about it, but that I needed to catch my breath a bit. She says again that I shouldn't be running today because I'm running with other friend tomorrow. I say it's fine. Then she engages the Personal Trainer - don't you think she shouldn't run today she asks. Well, PT says, it is good to make sure that you don't over train. That is a mistake that a lot of people make. And then friend says, well, she ran Monday AND Tuesday, and then we swam yesterday. You know, we did lots of lengths. That is using your legs. She shouldn't be running.

This goes on for several minutes with PT trying to stay neutral, I just keep stretching. Finally I say to friend, you've had various injuries for over a year now and you've never once healed properly because you refused to take the rest that the doctor told you to (she currently has a broken toe that is getting worse because she won't stay off it), don't you think it is ridiculous to be telling me to take it easy? Then she says, well, how often are you running anyhow? All I told her was that I was doing short distances, I wasn't running 10k a day.

Of course, by the time all this was done, I was feeling good to do my treadmill work, so I went to the washroom and then told her I was doing my run. Trainer laughed when she saw me go to the treadmill.

I'm really a bit peeved. All I had planned for today's "run" was the following: 5min walk, 5 min run, 1 walk x 4, 2 min walk = 30 freakin tiny minutes of cardio. The friggen running clinic I took had us running two nights in a row for cripes sake. I'm not even a runner, I'm a jogger. But for her to try get the trainer to tell me no really rubbed me the wrong way. My trainer knows my workout schedule. She has for a long time. I haven't changed my schedule at all, the only thing that has changed is that now friend is there to see that I'm doing weights and then cardio.

Sorry, I'm sure this is a boring story for all of you, but I just needed to vent so that when I see her for coffee tomorrow after my run with running friend, it doesn't all come blathering out!

So, tonight I went to the gym AGAIN with daughter. While daughter was on elliptical I stretched. My hamstrings were really tight (even after my massage this morning) so I worked them out. I'm so glad I did that - my legs feel great! Anyhow, we ended up just having dinner at the Club. I had a mango chicken wrap in a whole wheat tortilla. I had them hold the dressing. It was so good. I also indulged in some fries. 10 of them. They were so good. And the best part was that I had the activity points to spend on the dinner.

Ok, bitch session done. Have a good sleep bloggers!

PS: I thought Grey's would be better tonight...what did you all think?


  1. Don't worry about being boring. Its a blog :) Nice that your daughter goes to the gym. I don't watch Greys. Shame on me! I did hear on the radio that some girl was coming back for a guest visit. Thats all I know :)

  2. I enjoyed your blog. And it's not fun when you have sabotagers (is that even a word?). You did great. Keep up the good work!

  3. Heeeey Fatinah, thanks for stopping my blog, it's been awhile. Hope all is well and you are doing great :)

  4. I thought Grey's was good but since the writers strike any one that is not a repeat is good to me. It definitely wasn't up to their standards though. That one I never miss.

    Just ignore the nosey friend and do what your body tells you that you can do. What does the friend know that your own body doesn't. I think you did great myself!!

    I love reading your blogs and you are never boring. It's always good to have a place to vent when frustrated and this is the perfect place.

    Keep up the good work!!

  5. Grey's - I'm having a hard time getting back into it, they have already had everyone sleep with everyone, then sabatoged any good relationships they have had - so what is left.

    Why does your friend care so much if you run or not, I don't get it.