Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday - FINALLY

My, this has been a LOOOONGGGGG week.

OK ladies - a couple of you loved Grey's last night. What's that about? I found it flat. I need to know what you all are seeing that I'm not!! Loved Dr. Bailey's new hair cut, but.....

I liked CSI last night. It was tongue in cheek funny. Good cross over writing.

I think the news of the night had to be Survivor! I actually felt BAD for that guy. I loved seeing James laughing in the jury though. Eh, who am I kidding - I like seeing James period. Why does he wear clothes to tribal council anyhow????

"Just" did weights with personal trainer yesterday. Wasn't feeling the run. My foot was bothering me and I thought it best to rest it for a day.

Friend that does training session with me made some more downer comments yesterday while we were training. They bugged me. On the way home though, I realized that this is really my problem. Whatever insecurities she is feeling that is making her say this is her deal. The fact that it is bothering me is MY problem and MY insecurity. I am no longer going to take my self worth from other people. Why would I give anyone that power? I control my own effort. If I am giving my own 110% then nothing else matters. Nothing anyone says matters.

I enjoy this lady immensely and I do not want this to taint our relationship. Plus, I don't want to put all that effort in and then come home feeling bad about myself.

Today was a run day with other friend. She can't make it because she is going out of town on a golf trip. I will do it alone on the treadmill. That means I get to listen to more of my audio book, which as you all know, I love!!

Was supposed to meet yet a different friend for drinks tonight, but she is sick, so that has been postponed till next week. That worked out well BECAUSE my mom got back to me and mother's day dinner is on for Saturday night. Two nights out in restaurants in a week is too much at weigh in for me. I know my limits. As it is, I have some fancy points & sodium management ahead of me.

Have a good day bloggers!!


  1. this week has been way too long!!!Grey's was great for me because of the Derek and Merideth love that is so still there on his and her part and the last elevator scene with what Derek said to McSteamy....amazing!

  2. I loved Grey's too - I just really want them to get back together - I think it's time. And the two soliders, wow, I thought the acting was great. What is the audiobook that you're listening to? Sounds like a good one!

  3. Oh yeah I loved Greys! Derek still loves Merideth, how could it not be good? ha ha

  4. This has been a long week!!

    I agree that you just have to let your friend's comments not bother you (easier said than done). But it does sound like it's her own insecurities that are making her say those things.

  5. Good luck restaurant-ing. Danger Will Robinson!! :)

  6. Friends, sometimes, can be a pain in the patooty. Me thinks she may be a little jealous. Sounds like you are more motivated than her and she doesn't want you to succeed.

    I loved CSI too!! Wasn't the writing great!!

    Give your "Mommy" a hug from me. Wish mine were still around so I could take her to her favorite resteraunt.

  7. I really need to catch up on "Grey's". I am so out of the loop. I'm a big "Lost" fan to tell you the truth...