Friday, May 16, 2008

Help Required from Blogland!

Dearest Bloggers:

I require your opinion. I will be going out this weekend for dinner. The reservation has been made, the plan is in place. If any of you have a minute, would you give the menu a boo and then leave in the comments what you think is a healthy choice? I don't eat anything from the water or wild meat. So those are two healthy choices not available to me.

Yesterday's session with personal trainer and friend was a blast. Same torturous program as Monday. I think the reason I enjoyed it so much is because it required core and balance. I'm really good at those types of exercises. Friend & I went to the Cafe at the Club after for a healthy lunch. Other friend ended up joining us as well and it was a fun time.

Ended up taking puppy for a run outside instead of the treadmill. It was so hot out by the time we went out - near 3 I think, that around 4k into the run the dog found a piece of shade and just lay down. He was done! Too cute!!

One thing that was clear to me is that I need to stay off the treadmill. I have lost my stamina for running without it. Don't get me wrong - the treadmill is a great stop-gap FOR ME when the roads are icy - but I loose my ability to self propel when I use it too much. Anyhow, my run was quite a challenge. As this mornings will be when I meet my running buddy.

Well, I guess I should get on with my day. Have a healthy day bloggers!


  1. GOOD NIGHT! That menu looks amazing! Since you don't do water or wild... I like the looks of the courtyard salad and the 6 oz tenderloin. No, I mean, I REALLY like the looks of them! Wish I was going with you!

    Too funny about the pooch! 4k is a long walk, and puppy let you know it!

  2. I agree, courtyard salad and either a steak or maybe the lamb meatballs (not sure how fattening those are). Maybe only eat half of the protein.

    Too bad you don't eat prawns, that would be my choice. They are good if you don't dip them in butter or a sauce.

    Good luck!

  3. ditto from above!!

    remember to enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sorry, I can't help with the suggestions. About 1/4 of the way through the appetizers my eyes glazed over and I started to drool onto my keyboard. I had to close it so I wouldn't eat the mouse. And besides the first two comments were good ones. I'm just no help, am I?

    You're doing great with your exercise program. Keep it up.

    Have and great and fun weekend.