Wednesday, May 28, 2008

No Title Wednesday

Not much to report today.

The big news is that the gal that I do personal training with (remember, she joined my sessions around 3 weeks ago) is out of commission due to a broken toe. For two weeks for sure. I spoke to husband and he said that I can keep going twice a week on my own (the price goes up for one on one). Yay! I think he is enjoying the results ;-)

Anyhow, this is also the gal I do swim class with. Which was today. And I had to go alone. But, I did it. Worked hard. Certainly earned my 3 activity points!!

We are experiencing a day of sunshine today. I will be taking puppy for a walk in the next half hour.

Daughter decided to start writing down what she eats and took the time to ask me about her points. How much is this, how many can I eat, how many do I earn for swimming a kilometer? I'm happy because this means that she is having an awareness of what is going in her mouth. Yay. I told her even if she journals just for a week, it will be a good gage.

What else....oh, ya.....2 FREAKIN DAYS TILL MY REUNION!!! I have decided I will definitely be asking daughter to take my photo when I'm all dolled up so you gals can see. Assuming you are even remotely interested. ;-)

We are all so excited about going to the reunion. I am really going to try to stay as close to my plan as possible. I am keeping all my flex points to cover the wine I will be drinking. I'm bringing my running shoes and Garmin and plan to do a run Friday alone before we leave, and a run Saturday before I start getting ready. Sunday.....well, I'm not going to lie - that will be completely dependant on how hung over I am HAHA. Actually, I'm really hoping that the interpersonal part of the evening will be so engaging that I won't have that much to drink. Of course, my girlfriend & I are dancing machines, so I expect to be earning some activity points during the evening. I just have to remember to rehydrate with WATER instead of WINE like I've been known to do!!

Alright bloggers, I've blathered on long enough. Hope you're all having a healthy day!

Oh ya - Sex and the City opens this weekend and I will likely NOT get a chance to see it. I tell you this because I will be on a COMPLETE media ban until I see it...this means no blog reading! So, if you don't hear from me for a'll know why!


  1. Remind me again what kind of reunion this is? Yes we want to see photos :)

    Sweet that you get your trainer all to yourself :)

  2. I'm interested in pics!!!! I have no doubt you will kick enough ass on Friday & Saturday to take Sunday off, if needed! HAVE FUN!

  3. You don't do hangover runs?

    Definately post the pics:)

  4. Can hardly wait to see the pics. Have a great weekend with the old friends. And watch the wine :-)

  5. YES... we want pictures!!

    You are looking fantastic and feeling fabulous... go out there and have a blast!!

  6. From you comment on my blog: I have seen everything up to and including the May 30th episode (as in tomorrow's). Up until now I could just keep watching them one after the other now I have to wait like everyone else dammit!

  7. PS. The latest episode shows on Tuesdays in the UK so that's how I've seen it. (um, ya no I didn't go to to UK obviously, I just 'got' it. Learned from my sister how to do that after years of tisk tisking her for dl'ing stuff)

  8. Your gonna look hot for your reunion! Can't wait to see some pictures!

  9. Anonymous10:23 AM

    I can't wait to see the photos!!