Monday, May 19, 2008

I forgot the best part of last night

I totally forgot to tell you what happened when I went to get dressed for dinner last night.

I was going to wear a top with an empire type waist and some dress shorts with sassy sandals. Hanging next to my dress shorts was my black cotton peasant skirt that I bought but have never worn because it makes me feel fat (it has an elastic waist). Anyhow, on a whim I pulled it out and tried it on. I thought it looked ok, so I got husband's opinion. He also thought it looked alright. I also then pulled out a top that is quite fitted, and you know what? I looked good! Daughter saw me after dinner and said "holy cow mom, have you ever slimmed down!". I honestly think it was easier to stick to my plan because I went out feeling good.

That my friends, is cool beans!!


  1. That's awesome! What a great pickmeup!

  2. Wow, that's super cool!!

  3. Way to go on the compliment from daughter. What a self-esteem boost! Bet you really looked great.

  4. That certainly is cool!