Saturday, May 03, 2008

Nothing much

Not much going on around here.

Did my run with friend yesterday. It was a hard one. Well, that's not true - it was the same run we always do, it just really hurt my lungs. Funny how sometimes you just don't find your grove. Both of us found it hard. Other than that, it was a pretty boring day. I did lots of nibbling to prove how bored I was. It's all counted, but blah.

Today all I have planned is a walk with the dog. Might do some shopping with daughter, she has decided she needs a back pack. Exciting times! It is already so nice out.

Sadly, this is all I have. Don't know what I will do about supper - I'm thinking sushi from Co-Op. Daughter likes the spicy tuna and I have the avocado roll addiction. Cheap and low on points. Excellent combo.

Well, bloggers, have a healthy day.

PS: Thinking of cutting and colouring my hair. For the cut I'm thinking the bob that is long in front and short in back, and for the colour I'm thinking of staying brown and just covering those 3 grey hairs that are all I see when I look in the mirror! Those of you who have visited the picture blog - thoughts on if you think this will suit me??

PPS: Have any of you ever deleted comments? I was reading a blog today where one had been deleted. I'm always so curious to know why. Was it an accidental duplicate comment, or was it mean. If it was mean, why would someone leave a mean comment? What purpose does that serve?


  1. Yay for Sushi.

    I think short hair would look nice. I have more than 3 gray hairs that need coloring. I've never dyed my hair before so it will be a big deal when I do.

    As for mean comments - some people on the Internet just like to be mean for fun. Luckily I have not run into to many but I have had a couple on my YouTube weightloss vlog channel. I just block them and delete them. At first I would have taken it really badly but now it just rolls off my back. Losers!!

  2. Yea, on getting the run in. Sorry it hurt your lungs.

    Thanks for the advice on shoes. I finally got myself a pair today and will blog about it tomorrow.

    YUCK! RAW FISH? Sorry but that really sounds bad to me. I don't like fish anyway so maybe that's why. But if you like it, I say, "Whatever floats your boat."

  3. I love the sound of the haircut!! If I didn't love my hair too much (and I do) I would have that "do" by now. I haven't seen your photos but I bet it would look cute.

    And awesome on the run. I miss running but I will get back to it.

    Thanks so much for the comments. I adore knowing people actually ready what I babble about.

    And I will be posting my review of the movie (I LOVED IT!!) and some Core stuff. Thanks for asking!!

  4. I tried to go look at your picture blog and it wouldn't let me :-( So I can't give you an opinion of how that hair cut would look on you but I do like that cut on others I've seen it on. It always feels good to get a new "do" so go for it.