Saturday, May 17, 2008

oh, that Indiana!!

Like any true Westerner (well, from this particular city anyhow), my puppy Indiana has never known true heat. Yesterday we hit near 30 I think. I took him for a walk (my knee was sore from running and I thought it best to try to stretch it out instead of sitting around all afternoon). Well, we were around 15 minutes from being done our LEISURELY walk (seriously folks, we were taking it easy) and the pup found some shade, lay down and would not move for anything. I had to CARRY the little bugger for around 10 minutes before he would walk again!! The things we do for out dogs. Sheesh. I passed a lady with a newbie in a carriage. She gave me the stink eye because I was carrying the dog. I thought "whatever lady - you'll be doing this in two years when your kid is supposed to be having a bike ride!".

Went for drinks with a friend last night. We had fun. All counted up and written down.

Today, weights at the club with daughter then a hike in the mountains!! We are doing the hike we can take the dog on. Seems a shame to go for a walk and leave him in his kennel all day. Besides, he has never been carried up a canyon - HAHAHA

Oh, and thanks to Tornwardo for the 411 on loud in French. I was trying to remember "fort", but the word I needed "bruyant".

Have a good day bloggers!


  1. I took Duke on a 5.3 mile hike yesterday, and It wasn't that warm, only about 70F, but I really thought I was going to have to carry him too! That would've been hard considering he's 80lbs! I need to remember he's not quite the chipper young thing he was at one point in time

  2. Downtown you probably see as many dogs riding in Chariots as kids :)

    Viva the long weekend of summer weather!

    Enjoy the restaurant. Yum. I think I've been there. I am bad with names.

  3. "...he has never been carried up a canyon..." You crack me up Fatinah!

    Have fun!

  4. Hope you have fun carrying the pooch through the canyon. I'd do the same for my dogs too.