Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunday Confessions

I didn't take the dog for a walk yesterday. I just didn't feel like it. I did rake most of my lawn. I hate yard work. In fact, I hate even having a yard. But, I wanted to surprise husband and at least get the back done. I will finish it today. I'm surprised my back is sore today from it. I guess it is from pushing so hard to get all the dead bits up. I did it in little spurts throughout the day. I should attempt the front yard also, but I'm so bad at yard work, I'm afraid that my neighbours will snicker at me.

My cousins dropped in last night. Boy cousin needed a soak in the hot tub cause he was sore from riding his motorcycle all day and girl cousin wanted to talk about WW. She is going to go back to meetings. She has been very active, but her eating is all over the place. We had a good chat, and I think she is ready to get back at it. If she goes back it will be Tuesday, so I've set a reminder in Outlook to check in with her.

I was glad that they dropped in because it really cut down on my snacking out of boredom!!

The group of gals that I sometimes walk with are going this morning. I have to pass, because I have to drop daughter off at her Assistant Water Safety Instructor course later than they are scheduled to leave, BUT, I'm going to meet them at the Club for breakfast and coffee after. That should be fun. They are nice ladies and coffee with them is always fun.

I suppose I should actually walk my poor puppy today. Little monkey would probably really like that. It seems really nice out already. Better enjoy the lovely weather while I can - knowing our city - a snow storm is just around the corner.

Practical Magic is on TV right now. I love that movie. We own it, and still, if it's on TV I can't help but watch it. I think this movie was when Nicole Kidman looked her best. Her blond hair now really ages her I find. I love Sandra Bullock.

Have a healthy day bloggers!


  1. I decided to walk duke yesterday, and what did I get? I get to the farthest possible point that I can get from home, and it pours rain on us! Go Figure! Oh well, still got a good 20 minute walk in regardless of whether it was in the rain or not!

  2. I love "Practical Magic!" Such a great movie.

  3. Great that you get to spend so much time with your friends :)

  4. Sounds like a productive Saturday and productive visit with girl cousin. Hope you enjoyed the coffee with friends.

  5. Raking is such a good and surprising workout. I'm always surprised at being sore after doing it.

  6. I have a movie like that...Shawshank Redemption.

    So nice of you to work on yard work when you dislike it so! Maybe that would be a good Mother's Day present for my would shock the heck out of her!

  7. i like that movie too... one blue eye and one... something else haha.