Monday, May 05, 2008

Monday quickie!!

I'm having a great day.

It started with husband giving me the nicest compliment ever (of course, he was looking to get laid, but still!). He said that I look the best I ever have our whole marriage (almost 18 years). I said, but right after we were married I was 30 lbs lighter than now. He said, ya, but now you're rock hard from working out with weights. You look great!

How nice is that?

Met with personal trainer today and friend. Had a great session. Ran after without any comments. Life is good. Weigh in tomorrow at WW. Hoping for good news because I've had a great week. I haven't racked up as many activity points as this point last week (I'm 4 points behind), BUT I have 18 flex points left. This same time last week I was already out of points. I hope that translates into good scale news.

Short post bloggers. Have a healthy rest of the day!


  1. What a wonderful compliment!! Sometimes hubbies can really be wonderful (even with ulterior motives). Good luck on the scales.

  2. Sounds like your doing great! And rockin' WW! Go girl!

    And that was sweet of hubby, even if he did want to get laid! lol

  3. ha, men will say anything to get a piece - how funny! but that was really great of him to give you a compliment - i'm lucky to have a b/f that's very complimentary too... makes losing weight that much more gratifying... :o)

  4. What a sweetie :) It's nice when guys come up with that stuff out of nowhere :) (to heck with ulterior motives, he still didn't have to say something that incredibly complimentary!)

  5. My, my... Did it work?