Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Reality Check - Biggest Loser Spoilers - Be Warned!

So, Biggest Loser last night.... what did you all think?

My thoughts are as follows:

  • I don't know why, but I was very angry when they showed Helen walking into the gym, and she has been so successful on the ranch, and her daughter was still so heavy.  Don't get me wrong - I thought she looked like she had been working hard, but it irked me to no end that the mom was essentially done because of what I perceive is her own selfishness, while the daughter still had a long road ahead.
  • I also noticed that the other thing that irks me to no end is that Helen seems boastful.  And insincere, all at the same time.
  • I was really, really impressed with them doing the marathon.  I thought Tara's & Helen's times were awesome and even though I can't stand Ron - I was crying when he finished the race.  What determination.  The guy is falling apart and he walked a friggen marathon!  Wow.
  • I thought it was fun to see the past show contestants during the marathon.  Ali has one rocking body!  Holy noodle!  And that Michelle - what a pretty girl she is.  Anyhow, they all looked happy and healthy.  I would love for them to do a whole special on past contestants.  Instead of the dumb ass fillers they give us during the season, they should give us clips of life after the ranch.  You know, actual reality.  
  • It was refreshing to see the contestants lose a "normal-ish" amount of weight at home.  I think Tara is an eating disorder waiting to happen.  From over eating to over exercising.  At one point she said to someone, "I'm happy now" and my husband looked over and said "she seems like she is everything BUT happy to me".  I think he is right.  You might be able to change some habits in 17 weeks, but not the underlying problem.  
There you go, all of my thoughts.... except....

How wrong is it to me that it bugged me that one of the contestants now weighs less than me?  Actually, what bugs me, if I'm honest - and I might as well be - what bugs me is that if I made even a half hearted attempt to stick to my eating plan, this wouldn't be the case.  I guess more than bugged I'm disappointed.  In me.  AGAIN.  Ugh.

I've been sick and so haven't exercised (except for walking the dog for 5k every day, at a leisurely pace) it was a week Monday.  This morning I woke up and the bug is done.  I feel now like I can expand my lungs and so will start exercising again.  I'm glad, because I quite missed it.  I so wish you could get a rush of endorphins from sticking to your eating plan.  Then I would never go off!  ;-)

I'm making sticky chicken thighs for dinner tonight, with broccoli and I'm going to try the sweet potato fries that Cowgirl posted about.  

Not much else on the go..... have a healthy day bloggers!


  1. Oh my goodness I thought I was the only one! I seriously don't like anyone that's left on the show. Tara scares me a little. And I thought the same thing about Helen's daughter. I do have to say hats off to them for doing the marathon. WOW! Jillian was in full counselor mode last night. It was an interesting episode.

  2. Oh I hope that doesn't happen to Tara but you are absolutely right about her. Ali looks fantastic!! Helen annoys me (and no, I don't think she can win). I am sad about her daughter not losing as much as Helen but maybe now that she is home she can help her daughter.

  3. I think that I was bothered by all of the same things as you - weird!!! lol

    Another thing that seemed to really bother both my hubby and I was that we are starting to realize that the show may not be such a good thing since it gives people unrealistic weight loss goals - to lose that much weight in 17 weeks is insane, no wonder so many past contestants have had such a hard time keeping it off.

    I won't stop watching, because I do love the series - but it does get me thinking.

  4. When Allie asked Helen, "What do you say to the other 48 year olds", her answer was, "I did it"...and finally at the end she said, oh, yeah, you can too. I don't dig her at all, and I felt horrible for her kid.

    I am worried for Tara as well, I read a story about Kai awhile back (maybe from a link from here actually) and stuff she did was INSANE, like purging and diaretics and Ex-Lax and sauna and minimal water leading up to the is that healthy?

    I just got to watch tonight, so I didn't get to read your post until now!

  5. I'm amazed they did the marathon after working out with Jillian for so long. She is venomously opposed to anyone running that distance.

  6. Having them do a marathon was just crazy. That is definitely not good role modeling. Then again the whole show is not realistic. Hopefully it is not creating too many people out there who hate themselves because the cannot do what the people on the show do.

    I think you are right. Poor Tara needs a lot of help in the upstairs dept.

    Somehow I am rooting for Mike though. Ya, his dad is coming off as a jerk but how much of that is produced that way to make the show have a villain? I just feel for him because of his age and am interested to see how that other young guy is doing.

    I noticed that Heba had put on quite a bit considering she was a stick woman at her finale. This marathon would have been taped at most 4 months after the finale of the last show. Wasn't sHeba on the last show? They definately did not make an attempt to showcase her and pretty much kept everyone covered up in big track suits except for Ali and Michelle who were wearing tight clothing. (obviously because they are still in tip top shape)