Monday, May 25, 2009

Beach-Ready Plan May 2009 Shape Magazine D1, W3

Well, here it is, Monday again and it's even nice out!

Today is a weights and cardio day.  Typically I would have done my workout by now, BUT my schedule was out of whack this morning with what my family had going on, SO I will be going (with husband) as soon as I digest my supper!

I started the last week of my fitbook this morning, and guess what arrived in the mail tonight?  That's right - 4 new fitbooks to take me through the next YEAR!!!

I have taken the dog for his hour walk, both of us enjoying the perfect day out there.  I also played day one on my EA Sport Active .  What a fun program.  My only complaint is that if you are already fit and working with weights, the band they give you for upper body workouts isn't hard enough.  Luckily I have tubing, so I will use that tomorrow.  The workout was 17 minutes of actual working out, and it took me 34 minutes to complete that, because I watched all the videos to be sure I was doing everything correctly.

Tonight on the agenda at the Club is:

Grapevine Lunge - 3 sets of 12 using 17.5 lb weight
Sumo Squat - 3 sets of 12 using 17.5 lb weight
Bench Row - 3 sets of 12 using 15 lb weight
Triceps Push-Ups - 3 sets of 12
Curl Press - 3 sets of 12 using 8 lb weights
Ball Circles - 3 sets of 12
Ball Pike - 3 sets of 12 (is it wrong that I am dreading these ALREADY?? )
Leg Lift - 3 sets of 12

All of this fun followed by 30 minutes on the spin cycle.  Fun times, my friends, fun times.  I just hope it isn't too busy.  I'm thinking with the lovely weather, folks will be at home sitting on their decks.... not busting their asses at the gym! 

Oh, I have an AWESOME stat to report to you all.  Last week, I recorded 3530 worth of calories with my exercise.  Better than a kick in the ass, eh?

Ok bloggers, I have 2 oz of lovely white wine to finish while I digest before I go to the Club. 

Have a healthy day!!


  1. Anonymous10:08 PM

    I just looked up the ball pike to see what it is, and I think you have every right to dread this one!

  2. you are really the queen of all exercise - you are always working out! so active!!!!