Wednesday, May 20, 2009

beach-Ready Plan May 2009 Shape Magazine D2, W2

Today is only cardio day.  To be honest, it is a bit of a relief, because my thigh/IT band/muscle is killing me.  

To kill a couple of birds with one stone, I did 30 minutes of rowing and 30 minutes on a spin bike.  So, my morning goes like this.  I drop daughter at school, go directly to gym and hop on the rower.  I'm just going great guns, cause you know, rowing is SO much fun (NOT) and not even 10 minutes in..... my iPod dies!!!  I had charged it all the night before, but.... somehow it was completely out of juice.  Oy!  Would you believe I managed to talk myself into finishing the 30 minutes?  I was really kinda pleased with myself.  Of course, there was NO WAY I could sit on a bike for 30 minutes without my beloved Harry Potter.  So, after rowing, I went home, took care of what I needed to (which included charging the iPod).

In the afternoon I had to go back up to club to bowl (I was subbing for a friend) and when I was done bowling, I scoobied up the the fitness center and did my 30 minutes on the bike.  My ass hurt like hell, and I went completely numb in places I didn't think COULD go numb, but I got it done.  And the best part?  According to, 30 minutes of moderate biking is 177 net calories.  Kaching!!

Anyhow, I was pretty happy to have knocked off some more time on my challenge.  1/2 hour of both rowing and cycling - done!!  Cardio for Shape program - done!!

Oh, and did you know that you burn 229 net calories bowling for 2 hours?  Better than a kick in the ass!!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

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