Thursday, June 12, 2008

SYTYCD provides a dose of reality and a pretty dance....

Anyone watch So You Think You Can Dance?

They do a blurb about the dance before hand. The one couple was doing what I think was hip hop and the back story was that he was going off to war. My head goes to an image of the 40's. They cut to the stage and the two young people are dressed like....two young people. I start to cry. What a powerful dance that was. My favourite of the evening as far as being a meaningful dance. My favourite for entertainment had to be Twitch and Kherington. What a pair they are.

In other news...I swam a kilometer again in (my last) swim class yesterday - this time, only 4 lengths with fins. The best part of the class? When the teacher told me my breast stroke looked like....the breast stroke!! Something clicked and I was able to do the stroke!! Of course, my front crawl fell apart completely, but I will take my wins where I can get them.

We had the tiniest of non-rain windows yesterday so I took the dog for a really quick 3k walk. He was so happy to be out there again. I think I may be able to get him out again today since there is only a "chance" of showers.

I have a bunch of new WW recipes to try this week. My family is responding well. Husband has accidentally lost 15lbs. Bastard. It's all I can do to not punch him in the face (jk). We are going to book an apt at the doctor just in case though, since he has not changed anything else. I can't believe a low-fat healthy supper would cause that much of a weight loss. Of course, I hope that is what it turns out to be!!

I mentioned that daughter had started tracking her food. And of course, she is doing the triathlon challenge at our Club, so her activity level is up. Anyhow - she weighed herself today and she is down 4lbs!! I'm so happy for her. I'm glad that her efforts gave her some results - because now she is motivated to keep tracking.

Of course, this means that my family is dropping weight like crazy, and I'm plodding along. Crap. I need to tweak something, obviously.

Today I meet with personal trainer, where I'm sure she will torture me some more with that friggen tubing. Ugh.

I haven't run for a while. I have to get going again BECAUSE I have the 10k race coming up quick in July. Yikes. What to do, what to do.

Well, I have to finish my grocery list for my new recipes. So far I have two chicken, one veggie and one lamb.

Have a healthy day bloggers!


  1. Congrats on swim.

    You're whole household will be thinner because of you. And you will too, just hang in there.

    Good luck with the new WW recipes. I've tried a few and thought they were yucky. Course my palate is geared to country cookin'.

  2. it's much easier for men to lose weight.... those jerks.

  3. My husband lost 10 pounds in the matter of a couple weeks...from stress. No exercise, no diet...what an ass, after I've been working my butt off for the past year.

  4. I've never watched that show.

    Congrats on the swim!!

  5. Great job on the swim!

    I hate men, they lose weight so easy!

  6. Good job getting your family healthy!

    Very exciting about your swimming. Learning to swim is no easy feat for adults!