Monday, June 16, 2008

Make A Plan Lady!

Sparky - it simply CANNOT be that easy! Make a plan - really! Next you'll be telling me that exercise and healthy eating will lead to a healthy lifestyle!!

Ok, here's my plan: I am running this week on: Tuesday, Thursday and....Sunday.

Today I meet with personal trainer. Friend with broken toe is joining us again, with her focus being on things that don't involve using her toe. Not an easy feat to be sure. She was worried that I wouldn't be challenged. I was like dude, whatever Trainer thinks up is still going to be hard, just not on my toe! HAHA.

After trainer, I have to do an hour of cycle with daughter for the triathlon. She is going to swim for an hour while I work with personal trainer. Fun times. Oh, and thanks Sparky for all the triathlon info.

So, last night my mom was over with her husband for father's day. I told her I was 5lbs away from my goal. She said, "well, I thought it looked like you lost weight, but I didn't want to say anything 'cause YOU'RE SO SENSITIVE". Hands up anyone who can guess who started me down my road to sensitivity about my weight? Yep - it was my mom. Ugh!! I'm not sensitive about POSITIVE comments, just the freakin negative ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANYHOW....moving on, letting it go........

The sun is shinning today. I can't believe what a good mood that puts me in!!!!! Dare I say it - it is like......summer out there!!!

Oh, and who watched that nail-bitter of a golf game yesterday? I'm so conflicted...I'm a huge Tiger Woods fan, cause he's like, well, AWESOME! BUT, Mediate - how nice does he seem? He looked so happy to be in the final. I'm not sure what time or channel the final is on.....

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. Here are some numbers for your 'plan'. Stick in your race day and work backwards listing the dates. Feel free to ignore :)

  2. Anonymous8:33 PM

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  3. Anonymous8:35 PM

    It seems like people never mind to mention that we look like we have gained a few pounds but do they mention it when we look like we have lost a few? No. Congrats on your plan and from being only 5lbs from goal. You are rocking and rolling

  4. Moms...sometimes they can hurt your feelings. Just try to get past it.

    I need a plan that I can stick to also. Wonder what that will be. I have the eating plan down pat. It's just the exercising plan I can't keep up.

    The dentist had the golf tourny on yesterday for the 2 hours he worked on me and I totally tuned it out of my mind. So, sorry I don't know what happened. Since hubby died, I haven't watched sports and rarely watch the news. That's all the TV was ever tuned to when he was around.

  5. comments about weight are always weird... sometimes even positive ones can seem backhanded. my mom is the same! ugh MOM!