Thursday, June 19, 2008

Injury - but not how you would think!

I had my dental apt - the hygienist couldn't stop saying what a good job I had done keeping my teeth sparkly! Yay! Anything I can do to make her job easier.

I mooched a ride home with husband after appointment. While we were walking down to the parking garage, I slipped going down the stairs. Managed to stop myself from falling. Pulled my shoulder something awful. I don't know what is going to happen with personal training session today. I will tell trainer my woes and see what she says. Just hurts every now and again when I move it a certain way. Shitters man.

Meanwhile, yesterday did my 30 minute swim. Got 20 laps in and lots of chatting with my friend. Last night I went with the walking group. Holy crap. I saw parts of the hill I didn't know existed. We walked for an hour and 45 minutes. 9.1k. It was a nice night for a walk. with personal trainer with friend. Then WW meeting and then lunch or coffee. Tonight more triathlon fun with daughter. Likely a swim (if I can) & cycle.....she has a sleep over planned, so working out may go to the back burner.

My sister and her son are coming to town tomorrow and I simply can hardly stand waiting. I have so much housework to do. And laundry. I'm overwhelmed just thinking about it.

Well, I should go do SOMETHING. Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. Get to work, woman! I know it will be so worth all the housework just to kick back and chill with the family! How fun!

  2. Ouch, hope the shoulder's better.

    Enjoy your sister!!

  3. You husband sounds like a sweetheart! :)