Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sister Gone = Sad Fatinah

Well, just like that, the visit is over. I'm so happy for the time, but yikes, did it ever go quickly. We had a grand old time. My nephew is just too cute, and so tall!

Program.....on track-ish. I start a new week tomorrow - and right now I'm around.....2 to 4 points over. Didn't get as much exercise as I would have liked, but.....overall, I think ok. I'm likely retaining a fair bit of water.

Today daughter and I went to the Club - an hour of cycle followed by an hour of swimming....not. I guess the filter on the one pool wasn't working, so they booted us out. Unfortunately, in the other pool there was an aqua fit class going on. So, no swimming for us. Time in the hot tub instead! Since we had just finished our cycle time, it was a welcomed soak.

Well, that is all for today. Have a healthy day bloggers!

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  1. Unfortunately visits that we really enjoy are over too quickly. Glad you had a great time with Sis.