Friday, June 20, 2008

Big News Ahead People!!

Went to WW yesterday after personal trainer. Lost 3.2 freaking pounds!!! Ironically, this puts me at 3.2 pounds to go to goal.

Things went well with personal trainer. She modified two of the exercises for me and then worked me to within an inch of my life. Fun times. Girlfriend wears her heart monitor & watch - we burned over 440 calories in that hour. I just think that is amazing.

We went for lunch after at the Club. I had a lovely chicken & mango wrap. With vegetable crudites on the side. It was really good, and I was really hungry - I ate ALL of my veggies. Except my little cherry tomatoes. Tiny veggies freak me out. I mean, why isn't it normal size?? Creepy!

My one friend gained a smidgen this week. She works out like a pig. But she doesn't track. Ever. I tried so hard to get her to commit to tracking even for a week. I really believe she would see such success, she would be hooked. My other friend, the one I see personal trainer with, stayed the same. She is still battling her broken toe and only just now returned to exercise, so...that is a pretty good result.

So, as expected, did not go to Club with daughter. I didn't know this, but she cut her heal on a door yesterday and couldn't put her shoe on. And she really wanted to get over to her friend's house for the sleep over. No worries - we still have time to complete our triathlon hours.

We will be going tonight before we go pick sister up at the airport. My shoulder is feeling much better today. Phew!! I think I will be able to swim with no problems.

Not much else on the go. Likely won't be blogging much with sister and nephew in town. I fully expect to be able to tell you all that I tracked and stayed on plan when next I blog. ;-)

Have a healthy day bloggers!


  1. congrats on the great loss and being that much closer to goal! nice job! :o)

  2. Congrats on the loss!! That's fantastic!

  3. Wow congrats on the awesome loss sweetie! You Kick butt!

  4. Holy Sh*t! That is crazy! Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so amazing given how close you are to your goal!