Wednesday, June 25, 2008

7:52 am and it has already been a long day!

Daughter is at a sleepover, husband is at work. I'm sitting reading blogs and I think - sheesh - I'd better get my breakfast in me - it must be getting late - then I look at the clock. Crap. It is 7:22. Sheesh. I figured it must be close to 10. Daughter has a day at the zoo planned, so she won't be home today. I have to wait for her to go to Club, so.......long day ahead.

I will take dog for a walk this morning after breakfast. That will kill an hour.

I read Oprah's blog this morning - the one she wrote while doing the 21 day vegan cleanse. Interesting reading. The author of the book she was following sent over a chef. When the chef wasn't with her, she found it challenging. Sheesh. I'm actually not an Oprah fan. I typically ban all things Oprah. But, I was bored, and nutrition related items interest me. They posted some recipes - there was a soup recipe I will likely print out, cause it looked good. Anyone looking for some healthy recipes might want to check it out. (

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. It annoys me to read about rich people diet problems... they have a chef for goodness sake...all they have to do is show up at the dinner table. UGH!

    So, you are in second place right now in the challenge. You have 12.6 miles to the finish line. If you can get that done by Friday I will send you a prize picked out especially for you! So go ahead and email me your mailing address so I can send it to you (because we both know what a badass you are!!) LOL

    As for the tattoo.. I am going to put it on the back of my neck, right under my hairline...and hopefully it will get done this weekend!

    Have a great day... :)

  2. OH YEAH....
    I am making a blogger quilt and am asking all my favorite bloggers to dig down deep and find your creative side. Would you be willing to quilt a 12" X 12" square? Make it reflect who you are!

    email me at if your interested!

  3. I'm not much on Oprah either. I'll have to read her blog from her 21 day vegan cleanse just for the nutrition information.

  4. I agree with Tigerlilly, I always hate to read about famous people and their diets, and how much they've lost. If I could have a personal chef, a personal trainer and work out 10 hours a day....I would look like that too!

  5. Hey, if I had a chef I could do anything, diet wise. Sc@#w Oprah.