Sunday, June 15, 2008

Personal Religious Question - Poll

I have a personal question to ask any readers who consider themselves Christian.

What are your thoughts on people saying things like "for Christ's sake" or "Jesus - that's great"....yada, yada?

Personally, it makes me cringe. But I was reading something and the Christian person writing it used "Jesus Christ" as a means of communicating her dismay with a situation. And that just made me wonder what other's opinions were. I'm not thinking my way is right, or anyone else's wrong - just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this.....oh, and should you have one, I would also be interested to know what Christian religion you follow.

So, we already know I don't say that, and my background is that I was raised Anglican (where I was baptized as a baby), and I was also baptized again as an adult in a Pentecostal Church. My heart is with the Anglican Church though, I like the ceremony of it all (although I really do think baptism as an adult makes more sense).

In the house where I was raised, saying "for Christ's sake" and the likes wasn't discouraged at all. It wasn't until I was a young adult and met (and lived with) a hugely devout born again-type family that I even noticed I said it. And that was because the mom asked me to stop, because it offended her.

I find religion fascinating, because it is such an intensely personal thing that every single person makes it their own.

On a lighter note - we took husband for breakfast for father's day. Ordered fruit instead of those lovely tatter tots. How's that for commitment to an eating plan?? Tonight for dinner is his choice: cedar plank salmon. Daughter & I will be having chicken sausage!! HAHAHA

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. What an interesting question you have posed. Wonder how many will answer it.

    As for me I also cringe when I hear or read someone using those phrases.

    I was raised by non religous parents but saught church out on my own when I was 12. Depending on where we lived at the time I either went to a Methodist or Baptist church, which ever one was within walking distance of our home. My parents wouldn't take me because they thought it was stupid.

    I am by no means perfect and know and use a few choice four letter words of my own but they are the ones without Jesus or God in them.

    Teaching school it was really hard for me to remember not to curse in the classroom so I adopted this one...pifflesnotboogerscrap.

  2. I am not religious and am pretty neutral on those phrases. I do tend to avoid them though.

  3. Anonymous8:42 PM

    I like to think of myself as more spiritual than religous but I also consider my self to be a christian. I was baptised as an adult in a Souther Baptist church. I guess some of my beliefs don't go along with what that church teaches so I continue my search. Oh yeah and I try not to say Oh My God or Jesus Christ! just because I have always heard you shouldn't but I do sometimes and I'm not offended when others do, but I don't offend easily.