Wednesday, June 04, 2008

So, a girl goes to her reunion and drinks her body weight in wine....

and I must have somehow compensated on the food front - I'm up this week.....0.3!!!!

So, I finally saw Sex & the City Monday evening. I had to go alone. Normally I don't mind seeing a movie alone, but after spending the weekend with my girlfriends, it was kinda lonely. Having said that....I so enjoyed it. It was like a whole season of shows in one sitting. I wasn't sure how they would all look on the big screen, but they were all gorgeous. When I first heard that they were making a movie I was mad - because I really enjoyed how they ended the season. What more could they say or do I wondered. Now that I've seen the movie, I'm still happy with the ending.

Finally watched last week's BSG last night. Someone in husband's office said it was really good, but I found it boring. I prefer the episodes that have more cylon action - next week's scenes looked good. Happy to see Zena is back!! Sparky - what did you think of Friday's episode??

Today I have my 2nd to last swim class. I really, really, really don't feel like going. Ugh. What a lazy ass.

Puppy is off at doggy daycare getting groomed today. He was so excited to get in there to play. So cute. Yesterday I was quite worried about him - he just lay around all day and his nose was dry. Today though, he seems back to his old self.

Anyone out there watching the Mole or Gene Simmons Family Jewels? We watched the Gene episode where he gets an intern....I thought all 3 of us were going to piss ourselves we were laughing so hard. As for the Mole, I have a couple of ideas who I think it might be. What a fun show.

Ok bloggers. Have a healthy day.


  1. I am so happy The Mole is back! but I wish that Anderson Cooper was still the host. I loved this show when it was on 4/5 years ago until they whored it out to the celebrities.

    Gene Simmons in the pimped out SUV = hilarious!

  2. I caught the first episode of the Mole 'on my computer'. When it it actually on TV? Has there only been one episode? I loved the first ever Mole but have not watched it since then. I'll be tuning in to this one.

    As for last week's BSG I thought it was kinda kooky. My main complaint is that Lee now wears a suit all the time and has no excuse to workout in his tank top. I am really looking forward to this week though and hate that it is ending for who knows how long next week? I can't seem to find any confirmation on when the second half of the season will be on.

  3. I will be watching the mole this season! I've never watched before, but there isn't much on this time of year, so I figured I would give it the shot, I have DVR'd it, just haven't watched yet!