Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Facing the Music

So, journalling is fine, but if you don't count it up - what's the point? And so, I counted....and counted.....and counted. By the time I was done....36 points over plan. 36. This was after I made what I thought were stellar food choices. 36. Oy Vey.

Then came the decision this morning. Do I go weigh in, or not. I weighed at home last week after my high school reunion. I was quite sure that none of my possey would be going to the meeting. In the end, though, I figured after my two weekends away I needed to know EXACTLY where I'm sitting so that I can move on. So, off I toodled. And I'm glad I did. In the end, after the two weekends away, I was up a total of 0.5. There was a time where that # would have been on the other side of 5lbs. I'm quite happy with myself. Yay me.

So, yesterday, I drag my ass to the personal trainer. Quite literally, because I was still feeling blue. Well, I left blue also, but I wasn't feeling it, I was looking it - I had a bruise from the exercise!! The entire workout was with tubing. F*ck. It was so hard. I had to do the exercise for 30 seconds and then hold the tubing tight 1/2 way through the exercise for 30 seconds. My arms were actually burning.

Was supposed to run with friend today, but it is raining like there's no tomorrow, so that was cancelled. May go to the Club later. We will see.

So, I'm quite excited - I have a new WW cookbook. It looks like a magazine, but a book and it looks to have many scrumptious ideas in it.

Tonight however, I'm making my own recipe up. I'm going to stuff chicken breasts with red onion, peppers, mushrooms and then bread them and serve with left over brown rice & some fresh broccoli. Mmmmm...I'm peckish just thinking about it!

Have a healthy day blogger!!!


  1. Yummy dish! Glad you weighed in, and glad you worked out with PT. Jeez, your PT really likes to kick your ass! Yay!

  2. Good job with the .5. Definately could have been way worse.

    Rain schmain :)

  3. The chicken sounds yummy. Gonna have to try that one.

    Yep, the next step to journaling is tallying up as you go. That way you can make adjustments as needed. Glad to hear that it was only a half pound! You must be doing something right.

  4. Anonymous8:51 AM

    That Chicken sounds great let us know how it turns out. Good for you for facing the music! It's hard but sometimes you got to suck it up and in:)