Sunday, June 29, 2008


mmmm, husband just left to go golfing. Luckily, he took me for coffee BEFORE he left. My Tim's is particularly tasty today, since I felt like a treat and got it with sugar.

My mom is coming for dinner tonight. We are going to bbq. Pork chops from M&M. Haven't tried them before. We had some steaks last night from there. Won't be buying them again. Found they tasted - mmmm - processed? Of course the good thing is that they come with the nutritional info right on the package. I like that. We may try the more expensive cut next time. Perhaps meat isn't the place to cheap out.....ha!

So, yesterday we all bought cowboy boots. Yikes - I can't even think about how much $$ it came to. Having said that - they are all really nice boots. I have resisted for 20.5 years. I guess I have to accept my fate. I live in a city that thinks cowboy boots are acceptable at least 10 days a year. Daughter is quite proud of being from here and has been asking for boots for YEARS. We have always resisted, saying they are WAY to expensive and her feet were still growing. Well, that little brat's feet are done and she totally called us on it. Smart little monkey. She is so stoked to have boots to wear for Stampede.

So, today I have to go to Club with daughter. We have two hours of stuff to do today for her challenge obligations. And almost two for tomorrow. Talk about leaving it all to the last minute! That kid is going to give me a stroke yet! At least I don't have to wonder what I will be doing today to earn some activity points!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. YEEEEHAW! I went to a really neat junk shop yesterday, and he had walls full of vintage cowboy boots. Man, I sure did want a pair! But even used, they are pricey!

    Have fun at the club! I know you and daughter will!

  2. I have to agree that cheap isn't usually the way to go with meat. Hope the chops are good.

    I've always wanted a pair of cowboy boots but never had a reason to buy them. Gonna show us a pic of all those happy feet in your family? :o)

    You sure are getting a lot of exercise with daughter and her training, WooHoo!

  3. OMG
    had to delurk to say we dont have M&M here and I needed to keep reading and rereading that sentence as I read it as you were BBQING WITH M&M's.