Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lunch Remorse

Ugh. Met my walking group downtown for lunch yesterday. It was nice, food was good but OMG!!! $80 for MY PORTION. $80!!!! I'm still in shock.

The upside: We ordered the Lunch Express, which is either two courses or three (I had two). The Express doesn't mean it is faster (WTF?), it means it is SMALLER. Only 60% of what you would get if you ordered the actual thing off the menu.

I had the salad - I didn't ask for dressing on the side, but it came with quite little on it. Nice greens salad. Very small. Well, 40% smaller! (the other choice was soup) And for my main meal, I had spaghettini bolognese. If, and I mean if, there was a cup of pasta on my plate, that was IT. It was really tasty, and really filling. I had a coffee during desert (which the rest of the table had) and two glasses of wine. I should have stuck with my diet coke. Two glasses of wine cost me $25. F*ck.

Exercise yesterday was only an hour of cycle. I actually got quite motion sick during the time on the cycle, and didn't feel like I could swim. Daughter seemed ok with that, since she had yet another sleep over to get to.

Have to count yet for yesterday. Was on track until I picked up Little Caesar's $5 pizza's for dinner. Had 3 pieces AND 3 crazy breads. That won't be pretty. I hate using Flex Points before the weekend.

Today....don't know what it holds. Maybe I will take sister & nephew to the Zoo. It is really nice out today. Husband is off golfing. Mom & her husband are coming for supper. I'm just going to make spaghetti with meatless balls & mushrooms. Garlic toast for everyone else. Easy peasy.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. Wow. Your lunch did not sound worth it at all. I'm sorry you had to shell out such serious dough for 40% of the food! But it sounds like the company was good!

    Little Caesar's just opened a new location really close to our house, so hubby picks those stupid pizzas up all the time! It's hard to resist, and to tell you the truth, I rarely did! Thank goodness he hasn't gotten one since I rejoined WW! That will be the real test!

    Hope you make it to the zoo! Sounds like fun!

  2. Oh, man! $80 for ONE person, and the portions were smaller than normal?! Uhhh...what's that all about?
    I've missed ya, FATINAH!

  3. I'd sure hate to hear what the cost would have been if you had gotten the regular size! Good grief, that's expensive! Our local restaurant's most expensive meals are around $15 without the wine (I hate it and it hates me, headaches). Course all the meals at these places are canned or frozen stuff. And not worth the $15 either. That's why I don't eat out here.

    Never heard of getting motion sickness on a bike. Maybe you are coming down with something. Take care of yourself. You here?

  4. Sucks that it was so $$$ but cool that you can get a proper portion at a restaurant! :)