Saturday, May 19, 2007

Weigh In Results and Grey's Review

Oh, happy freakin' day!

First off, weigh in was fun, because I was down. My WW buddy didn't show, so I didn't stay for the meeting. But, I was there long enough to be down 2.8lbs AGAIN! Yay me! Considering I had a mini meltdown this week, I'm very proud that I was able to pull out of it. This is a huge NSV for me.

Second, Grey's finale. Ugh! I was so psyched that we had an extra 15 minutes. But then I saw what they filled it with. There were some excellent acting moments from Sandra Oh, as always, but.....I'm confused....was she happy or sad when she said to Meredith "I'm free". General gripes were as follows:
  • Seriously - Mc-not so-Dreamy almost picked up Meredith's sister?
  • Who is the mother is this sister? I don't always see all of every episode due to Belly Dance class.
  • George fails the friggin' exam? Did I miss that he was secretly stupid? Was he just so preoccupied at Meredith not writing?
  • Callie (who I love) gets the chief job over Bailey - what the hell is that about?
  • Izzy declares her in-loveness with George out of...friendship? I hope I or my husband don't have that kind of friend.
  • Jane Doe - what a friggin' snoozer and waste of film. Seriously.
  • Callie wants a baby with a husband she is constantly second guessing? WHAT??
  • The chief is now going to STAY at the hospital when it looks like he can get back together with his wife and have a life?

CSI, though, I enjoyed. The moment when Grissolm said that Sara was someone he cared about was well done. Can't wait to see how that turns out.....and to see more of the teams reactions.

Well, I guess I'd better get about my day.

Have a healthy day bloggers!


  1. Grey's was great I thought but I totally agree with almost all of your comments.....I am still watching reruns of CSI to catch up and haven't watched any of the new ones (I just discovered CSI about 2 months ago)
    WOOOHOOO on your WI!!!!! You go!!!!! Yikes! 2.8 lbs!!!!! Keep it up!

  2. OMG I LOVED CSI!! I was most excited about that on Thursday since it dealt with the mini killer. HA! I can't wait for part two if it in the Fall.

    Greys. I actually really liked it too, but with you on Callie and wanting a baby. George is a freakin loser...I wish Callie would dump his ass.
    I think Sandra Oh was excited she was free. Her relationship wasn't her, and she wasn't being her. I think she cried because she was so happy. That's my take.
    I actually liked the Jane Doe story line, but wished Alex would have figured it out sooner. Well part of me did.
    And OMG Merediths sister is now on the show and how freaking weird that he almost picked up on her.
    Do you watch ER? I swear last Thursday was not disappointing in TV for me.

  3. PS Congrats on the awesome loss.

  4. OMG we're way behind in greys than you and omg i nearly read your blog - so i apologise i didnt read your post today I dont want to know what happens!!! lol

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  6. First of all, congrats congrats on the weight loss, go girl.

    Grey's, I agree with all your statements, I was left at the end of the episode going...what the hell?

    CSI, I used to love that show, i really need to get back into watching it, I miss it!

  7. Oh, hooray! Congrats on the loss! Good for you!!!!!!!!!

  8. yay!! Congrats on the weight loss!

    I *Love* CSI Las Vegas, but I hate the fact that they are starting to go towards the personal stories. I wish they'd focus more on the crime stories and less on the office romances. I think it will lead to one of the characters leaving. Bleh.