Saturday, May 12, 2007

Feeling Angry

Ok. So, yesterday, I worked, went grocery shopping, got supper into husband and daughter then we rush off to drop daughter at swim practice.

It was really nice out yesterday. At 6:30 it was still 22 degrees. I hadn't exercised yet so I knew I had to do something. I chose going for a run, because quite frankly it gets me more activity points for less minutes. Here is where my feeling of anger comes in.

We get home, husband sits down, puts on hockey (um, hello, it's 22 degrees outside!), opens up spider solitaire on the computer and promptly starts munching on the two bags of sour candies I bought him while out grocery shopping. I, on the other hand, had to change and to run. I was overcome by anger. Not at him. But at the perceived injustice that I was feeling at that moment.

Why, why, why do I have to be one of those people that has to run because I need activity points, instead of because I love it? By the time my run (and by run, I mean walk/run, 'cause I'm doing c25K week 3) was over, I had calmed down, and was feeling really good about myself for having done it. But man, in those minutes before I went out - I was really, really angry. And, I came dangerously close to taking it out on husband. Which is spectacularly unfair. Ugh!

Meanwhile, today was weigh in day. My buddy weighed in yesterday because she was off for the weekend, so I had to go alone. I didn't stay for the meeting because I'm not really fond of the leader, I just go for social time with my buddy. We get there really early and then chat up a storm waiting for the meeting to start.

ANYHOW.....I had to update my ticker to reflect my (big pat on the back) stunning 2.8lb loss! YAY FOR ME!!!

Today for exercise I don't know.....likely go to the gym and do either weights or practice my swimming. Then, depending on which of those I do, I will run or walk. Unless I run out of time. We have tons to get done today. I have books waiting for me at the library to go pickup.

Ok, bloggers - stop reading me and go enjoy your Saturday!


  1. Congrats on your huge loss thats fabulous!

  2. I found your blog again. I usually update my blog roll from the challenge page. I want to thank you for continuing to come past my blog and leaving me comments.

    Congratulations on your lost. Awesome!!! I understand the anger, I tend to take some of it out on my husband as well. I know how you feel once you went out and did your run.

    I will add your blog to my blogs I read section on my page so I can stay updated on your success. Have a great weekend!