Wednesday, May 09, 2007

German Class Post Mortem

I'm happy to say that German class went off without any drama this week! In fact, the lady that FALSELY accused me of being a home wrecker borrowed my beloved green pen. We learned about family last night, and did a bunch of review from last week. I was so tired after class. The class is 2.5 hours long, and we have no break. I find with all the concentrating I have to do to keep up - I'm sehr tired by the end.

So, on the schedule for swimming class and a walk. No running for me. My quads need a good stretch on the foam roller and a day off. It is supposed to go up to 16 today, and there may be rain. But, I should be able to get my walk in before the rain comes.

So, daughter had two friends over yesterday after school, who ended up staying until around 9:00. It was so much fun watching them. They actually dressed up and did their makeup before they made their dinner (which was a hodge podge of stuff like fried eggs, a frozen dinner, etc). Then, they got changed and did exercise videos. And all the while, they were laughing so much. It was nice watching her be a little girl. And the two girls she had over are two that I really like. They both have a great deal of confidence, and they aren't too shy to talk to us. Some of daughter's friends are so insecure that they not only don't even say hi, they won't even look at us. Doesn't give you a warm fuzzy when that happens!

Anyhow - have a healthy day bloggers!


  1. Sounds like you are getting in a good bit of exercise! Swimming and walking are such great calorie busters!
    Keep it up!

  2. I know there is nothing like laughter, it's something that is contagious. It's so nice to hear it, even if it is from other people having fun :)

  3. sounds amazing that class...not really I would pass out! I admire you with all that dedication you have, classes, swimming, not easy but you do it anyway, you are a champ!!!

  4. Wow! that's a lot of exercise! Good job!!!

    hehe. Just because her friends won't look at you or say "hi" doesn't necessarily mean you are frightening. hehe. I was raised by "old-school" parents that raised me by the saying "children should be seen, not heard" Makes for a rough transition to knowing how to deal with other people's parents =)