Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Crappy Weather

We are expecting quite a bit of snow today. May 23rd, and we are expecting snow. WTF??? Of course, I find myself saying this very thing at this time of year EVERY year. The weather really sucks where I live. Oh, well. No run for me today (since it will be raining until it turns to snow). I have swimming class anyhow.

Not much else to report really. Just doing my thing. Week WW wise is going well. I've had a blip here and there, but....this weekend will likely be a shit show - I will blog about that on Monday, but quite likely it won't be pretty!

Actually, I shouldn't say that. It normally would be a shit show, but I'm really feeling quite like using my head and making the best possible choices. I plan to do lots of walking this weekend also. Best laid plans, eh?

Have a healthy day bloggers!

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