Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Stomach Flu?

Ugh, I think I have the stomach flu. I have no energy, but I can't sleep.

I had a good weekend. Got a walk (Sunday) and a run (Saturday) in, but that was it. Had dinner out at a friend's Sunday - awesome, awesome dinner. Beef and Pork tenderloins done on the bbq. I don't know what their marinade is, but, mmmm so good. Had chips with dip while waiting for dinner - was so sick the next day from that. Maybe I'm still feeling the effects of that.....

Yesterday we took daughter and her buddy for sushi. Perhaps that didn't agree with me? I don't eat anything out of the water, but perhaps I O.D.'d on soybeans? Or wasabi? Anyhow, we had so much fun at the sushi place. All of us were able to find new things that we liked, and it is so easy on pts. I did try the tempura yams. I won't get those next time, cause they use too many pts, but they were good. Wanted to try them at least once. I shared the order with husband, so I wouldn't eat too much.

Not much else to report. Tried to do C25K today, but was able to do only 20 minutes of week 4 - I was feeling too nauseous to go much further! I still have to do my German homework. I hope my stomach is better in time for class.

Well, this is probably the most boring post ever, so I will sign off.

Have a healthy day bloggers!


  1. awww...I hope you are feeling better!! Sometimes if I've been eating low fat for a week, and then have a tastey treat that is high in fat my tummy will really hurt =0/

    I hope it is something you ate, not the flu. At least the something you ate can't pass on to your family members =) Feel better soon!

  2. I have been wanting to try sushi but haven't worked up the courage yet! I just wouldn't know what to order!!
    Sounds like you are doing great on the eating front, sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather! Get better soon!