Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The View

Did anyone happen to just see the View with Rosie & Elisabeth going at it? Holy cow!!!!! I have never seen anything like that - they hit an all time low! I thought Joy was actually going to walk off with the guest host Sherri! At one point Joy said - "who's directing this show? go to commercial!". Can't wait to see what TMZ has to say about it all!! I bet Rosie ends up leaving earlier than one point she said she was just going to sit there for the next 3 weeks while Elisabeth talks about all her Republican crap!
Ooo, gotta listen to Alicia Silverstone talk about being a vegan!


  1. Ohhh, that sounds interesting! Can't wait to hear about their fight! Whooo-hooo! What's wrong with being a Republican? I'm one, and I'm nice... Was Alicia Silverstone on The View?? Love those vegans ;~) Take care!!!!

  2. hehe. I watched some the other day and they were going on and on about whether Fox news was fair and balanced. I thought it was pretty funny because while channel surfing later that night Fox news featured the fight =0p Funny stuff.