Friday, September 26, 2008

Week 1 - :-(

Well, I had a 2.8lb gain this week. What is scary is: if I hadn't been in this challenge, I wouldn't even know.

Looking back at the week, I went wrong as follows:

* overall I had more days off program than on
* I'm a stress eater and have been stressed this week - clearly I still have to work on this issue
* I like to self sabotage. This week was no different. I was worried about weighing in this morning and then last night I did everything in my power to ensure a gain this morning - including 4 glasses of wine & popcorn to ensure maximum water retention.

The only positive I can find in all of this is: while I was self sabotaging I didn't use more flex than I had.

I was talking to husband this morning. Told him how I was having trouble staying on program. He said what can I do to help. Sadly, he is already super supportive, so I told him nothing. EXCEPT - don't let me use the wedding I have tomorrow morning or the family chili party (more stress) I'm hosting Sunday as excuses to not eat properly. He said he would. Thank goodness I have this man in my life.

Well, I have to get daughter to school.

Have a healthy, on program day bloggers!!


  1. This self-knowledge is important -- hang in there! You can do it. We all learn lessons along the way. One key one for me was that exercise came first because it helped me manage the stress which helped me manage the eating. You can do it!

  2. Tough Love Coming....while you didn't use more flex than you had...what exactly were you eating? Do you log your food and exercise?
    And I agree with alexia. Once I'm on plan with my exercise the eating part of it comes much easier.
    It sounds like you have a really supportive husband...this is a beautiful time of it possible for you two to just get out and walk together? It would give you the opportunity to talk, and exercise!!!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend...I hope that your part goes well and the stress goes away!

  3. Thank God for supportive spouses. You are very fortunate. I sure hope you listen to him when he tries to stop you from sabatoging yourself.

    Hope all goes well at the wedding and chili thingy this weekend.

  4. Wow your hubby sounds tremendous :-)

    I love that he offered to help and what you asked of him was great because you can see it possibly happening in advance and you're trying to stop it. Stick to your guns this weekend - damn I know it's hard.


  5. Next week you'll take it off! Don't worry!! I'm going to gain, too!!

  6. thinking about you and the wedding.

    you can so DO THIS!
    youre worth it.
    worth saying: nah, no thank you! to the treats there and at the chili party.
    they will be there another day should you still find you want them.

    did you see my guest post at mizfit about the food journaling? maybe get back to that hard core?

    let me know if I can help.


  7. Boy it must have really sucked to see that number on the scale. Good for you for going though. You could have easily hid out.

  8. i love your comment about if you hadn't been part of the challenge, you might not have know it. I hear you on that, especially now that Fall weather is here and we can start to layer again. i love that this challenge keeps us all accountable.