Sunday, September 21, 2008

Quiet Sunday

Mmmm, I have my Tim's, puppy is snuggled beside me on the couch sleeping, husband is already off golfing and daughter is either sleeping or frantically trying to finish Jane Eyre (sp?). I love nice quiet mornings. They don't happen often.

So, even though Sparky had some really, really sound advice about the Bailey's, I decided to stop at the 1/2 bottle. Sadly, I am now sitting here trying not to think about the other 1/2!

So, we are supposed to tell everyone about the things we try to "get away with" when we are on our lifestyle change journey. My thing is: after I've had a day that was off program (for me that means I ate more points than I had), I have trouble staying on program (for me that means eating the proper amount of points) for the rest of the WW week. Case in point, last night. I don't know how many pts are in 1/2 a bottle of Baileys, but for sure it was more than the flex I had left. This means now, today and Monday and Tuesday I only have my daily points target points to eat.

So, for the challenge, maybe I should report the # of points I eat each day. Might help keep me on track better? Couldn't be worse, I suppose!

I will try to remember to take a before picture later with my daughter. If I post it, it will be on my picture sight though.

Have a healthy, on program, on points day today bloggers!!


  1. Fatinah,
    Well, 1/2 the bottle is better than the whole one. Maybe ask hubby to hide the rest if you don't want to risk splurging on the other have. Or you could pour the rest down the drain. LOL
    You can do this :)

  2. LOL @ sound advice.

    I whole heartedly agree about going over points. If I 'screw up' it totally leads to more screw ups. Even within the same day. "Well, this day is blown, might as well really blow it!"

  3. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Your right. We have to live in the moment. We can't let one bad thing lead to a bad week.

  4. Anonymous3:57 PM

    I haven't had Bailey's in a long time. I can't trust myself with it either.

    When I am really struggling, I do post my food choices (usually in pictures) or calories or points or whatever I'm doing at the time. Being accountable to others keeps me honest.

    I'm almost looking forward to people calling me out. Be glad the challenge didn't start until this morning, or I might have had to give you some tough love!

    Enjoy the challenge!

  5. The bailey's was yesterday. If you have to, pour it down the drain!!!! You CAN stay on point for the rest of the week and I am joining you since I had dessert and popcorn at the movies yesterday for DH's birthday.