Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Biggest Loser and other ramblings

So, Biggest Loser last night. I had to watch it LIVE at 9:00 because I had other stuff taping. I missed the 7:00 showing cause I was out walking. I don't much care for the pairs.....having said that, I think it will be fun to watch the two teams. I really could never work out with someone yelling at me. My worst nightmare would be to make the show and then get Jillian! I thought Bob was looking as yummy as ever. I was sure sorry to see the Green Team leave - I would have preferred the team that actually came in first at the weigh in. They kinda bug me. Anyhow - I think it will be a great season. I just love seeing the after footage - even with one week to get them started, Green Team changed their lives!

Walk last night was fun. A short on - one hour - very hilly. Helped work out the owies from the weight training class.

Was supposed to work today but had to cancel - puppy needs to go to the vet - he has been scratching so bad his eyes are puffy and he has worn part of his eye brows off (he's a schnauzer, so they are long, but now are patchy). Poor little muffin. He either has fleas (which I doubt because he has treatment to prevent that), or he is allergic to sad.

Of course, now I'm really worried because I just love him so much - I feel like I'm jinxing him.....I'm crazy, right??

I'm going to sign up for the Santa Shuffle Run again this year. It was a fun one last year and we got a free subway sandwich when it was over. Cool beans! Sparky - you should sign up ;-) It is only 5k, not timed (unless you bring your Garmin) and the T-Shirts are cute. Plus, who doesn't love running in the snow at -20 degrees??

I pick up my new lullulemons from hemming today. Can't wait. I need more pants so badly - the one pair I have now I can't keep up! I figure I can still loose a size, but it is hard to keep motivated when your pants are all big.

I have to run today. It is supposed to be gorgeous again today. Life doesn't get better than that, does it - running in nice weather?

Well bloggers, have a healthy, on program day. I will, I will, I will stick to my eating plan.


  1. Jillian was yelling a lot last night because she felt that people had come to assume she was the "nice one". She really does want to help them and I think in some cases tough love works. She made that yellow guy get back on the treadmill, but she put the speed WAY down. My quote came from around that point in the episode. I like it as a quote and it makes sense, but yes, having it yelled at your may be less than encouraging.

  2. Glad to hear that you had a good run. Hope the puppy gets to feeling better!

  3. Poor puppy. It probably is allergies. I had one once that was allergic to everything. The only time she didn't scratch and could go without her meds was our trip to Alaska. Nothing up there blooms much. Hope he/she is feeling better after doctors visit.

    The Santa Shuffle sounds like fun. Wish we had something like that around here.

  4. Santa shuffle would be a good idea. I've done it a few times. The last time I did the walk 1K part because 5K was too far. Sad but true that was about 3 years ago. If I do it I'll be looking at everyone trying to figure out if they are you :) hehehe

  5. interesting point on it being hard to stay motivated when the pants are big!

    I was just reading an article last night all about why we SHOULDNT change into those big pants :) after work...that THATS when we overeat---but I hadnt thought about loose pants being anything BUT motivating when it's weight loss.

    thanks for making me mindshift.