Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Is anyone else having trouble keeping up with reading all the blogs??

Still OP.

I really don't like what I think is the brown team on BL. The couple that lost the most last week? Really, really, really don't like them.

No time to type - I have over 50 entries to read!
Have a great rest of the day!


  1. I just can't seem to REALLY watch that show. TOO many boring details...they could do that whole show in a half hour. BUT, that's just me...always wanting to go, go, go and do, do, do...can't seem to sit still longer than a half hour anyhow!

  2. I feel as though I spend a lot of time reading blogs too. My biggest trouble is trying to keep straight who is who, and what I've already commented on :)

    Good luck!

  3. I agree! I used to have about 7 weight loss blogs that I read there are 50 and I am struggling to read them all and keep everyone straight. Hopefully by the end of the challenge we'll all know one another.

  4. I decided to pick 10 random people off the list and check in on them regularily. The rest I'll probably get to once or twice a week... if I find someone who I really identify with I'll add them to my regular reading.

  5. I've always wondered how in the world you working gals with kids got to all the blogs to read and comment. It takes me over an hour just to do my 10-15 that I keep up with. Good luck.