Thursday, September 25, 2008


I'm quite nervous about weighing in tomorrow. Many people have been posting huge losses, and I didn't have a stellar week. Urgh.

This is exactly why I needed the challenge though - I need to accountability.

Full body weight class was a hoot this morning. I upped my weights from Tuesday's class and I totally rocked it. My girlfriend's heart monitor said we burned over 400 calories. That is better than a kick in the ass, eh?

Was anyone else disappointed with who got knocked out of DWTS last night? I found that fellow quite entertaining (funny) and not a bad little dancer. What a joke that Cloris Leechman is still there, or Kim K for that matter. Sheesh.

Tonight I have belly dance. I can't wait. I'm bringing in all my hip scarves for the new girls to try. Class is so much more fun if you jingle, plus it is easier to let everything shake when it is covered by a pretty scarf!!

I am out of my mind excited for Grey's to start tonight. I will have to tape it though, cause of belly dance. Daughter, that little brat, is not going to wait for me to watch it with her. I should give her away.

So, I started a new WW week yesterday. Last week recap - I was over and still struggled with keeping to my daily points. I will continue my efforts there, and I would also like to have more activity points in the week. I may have to add a run in....

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. i like taping shows because then you don't have to waste time with commercials!

  2. You'll do great! I'm going to gain but it's my fault....

  3. You're such a cool gal, FATINAH~

  4. Anonymous6:17 PM

    I am so excited to watch Grey's Anatomy too!!!!!