Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Wedding

I haven't cried that much at a wedding. Ever. What a lovely, lovely morning. This couple (in their 40's) - it was just so heartfelt and sincere....I don't know how to say it....even my husband spent a good part of the time choked up. I haven't felt that much love in a room for a couple ever. Ever.

I managed the buffet quite well. The food was so good. So good. Eating before I went really helped. When the food came out and I could smell it, I didn't get ravenous like I normally would. I had a spoon of ceasar salad, 2 slices of bacon, a spoon of potatoes. Oh, and two slices of cheese. The cheese slices were actualy quite small. I passed on quiche, two kinds of eggs benedict, roast beef, ham, french toast...and other goodies I can't think of now. Instead of cake they had a cupcake tree. I had a bite of husbands. It was nice. Oh, and only 1 glass of wine.

Anyhow, husband & I are off to the gym tonight. Him to hit the weights, and I'm going to hit the treadmill. I think I really need to up my cardio to get my 2.8lbs off. I'm doing two days of weights - I think that is enough for now. Intense cardio. Intense cardio.....maybe if I say it enough......

TTYL bloggers.......


  1. Way to stick to the plan with the buffet!!! Have fun at the gym tonight!

  2. sounds like a beautiful wedding and sounds like you handled everything very well... i love the whole cupcake idea - makes much more sense (plus cakes are always too dry!)... have fun at the gym... :o)

  3. Sounds like you did a great job!

  4. Sounds like you did quite well! And a small weight gain like that can be chalked up to many things, and I'm sure it won't be hanging around long.

  5. You done good! (at the buffet and exercising) Yay, you!!