Tuesday, September 16, 2008

REALLY quick post...

to say I bought new running shoes and that I went running yesterday. I totally kicked butt.

Not much in other news. Started swim class yesterday - teacher didn't seem pleased to see me again. Maybe she thinks I should know how to swim already. Whatever.

Weight training teacher couldn't get the music going AGAIN today. If it happens Thursday I may have a stroke. ;-)

Rushed home from work to make some borscht. Only to have daughter call to say she wouldn't be home for supper. Brat.

Going for walk with walking group tonight. We are meeting early, because it is getting dark earlier. Sure is nice out today though - should be a pleasant walk.

Hope all is going well with everyone. I'm still struggling.......Blech....


  1. I love getting new shoes, they always make me feel extra springy.

  2. I love new shoes too! I'm glad that you had a good run!

    in Re your comment on my blog, I started moderating comments because I was getting alot of SPAM, but, I just switched it to having to enter word verification, so hopefully that will help!