Friday, September 19, 2008

New Challenge

I decided to join the challenge at the above link. I need to get my mojo back, and I think this might help. I'm really, really having trouble sticking to my points. Anyhow, the challenge is still taking participants until Sunday if any of you are interested.....

Had a ball at belly dance last night. What a great class. We worked hard and just gave 'er the whole hour. Fun, fun times.

Still haven't run yet today.....perhaps after dinner. It is nice out again today. It is supposed to be crappy next week. Bummer.

I have to get my menu planned out for next week. My dad arrives Monday and I have to work - I need to have my shit together or I will be eating like crap!!

Short post. Have a healthy, happy, on program day!!

PS: Puppy doing even better today, although he is very, very sleepy. All those nights up scratching must have tired him out!! Poor muffin.


  1. Go Fatinah!!! :)

  2. So glad puppy's feeling better. Next time Dr. Deborah will tell you about the Benedryl and I charge a lot less than $280 for the info. :o)

    At least the vet didn't put puppy on steroids. It got so bad with mine that I had to get her a shot about every six months and pills in between. She died of a heart condition caused from the steroids. So try to stay away from that route if you can. There may have been some kind of preservatives in the new snacks, and not the peanut butter. Oh, it's the Benedryl that's probably making him/her sleepy. It does that.

  3. I joined, too! Thanks for the info!