Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Update...Warning: snoozer ahead!

Mmm, not much to update. Friday we dropped daughter off at brother in laws. She is off having the time of her life, and I am officially in moping mode.

Who wants to hear what a food snob I am? When we walked in I was HORRIFIED to see that sister in law was feeding her family....KFC!!!!! I seriously felt like I had walked in on a scandal. They had a whole BUCKET of chicken, fries and two kinds of salads. We actually haven't eaten KFC since I was pregnant - some 16 years ago. I always say to husband, who eats that stuff? Well, I guess now I know! If we get fast food, it is almost always Subway, which we feel is the lesser of the evils. I know, I know, I need to get out more!

Anyhow, yesterday we went shopping to buy some new curtains for daughters two rooms. We were supposed to wash her walls yesterday, but didn't get to it. That is now on the agenda today. Yesterday we shopped, shopped and shopped some more. Then we napped (eye roll), made dinner and watched a DVD. 3/4 of the way through the movie, I tallied my day up and said to husband - I have to go for a walk (I needed the activity points) - so we actually paused the movie and I went on a 40 minute walk with the dog! He stayed home and played Wii. Groan!!

This morning I have already done a 7k walk with a friend over some really hilly terrain. Garmin says I burned 666 calories! Husband is watching some golf - he has also already golfed himself 9 holes. We are going to wash walls and see The Dark Knight this afternoon. I can't wait. I am going to have the children's package - the little drink and bit of popcorn. It is easy on the pocket book AND points! Plus, I'm such a loser - if I get a normal drink, I have to go to the bathroom DURING the movie!!

Not much else to report. Pork chops & corn on the cob for supper tonight. Yum. Last night, the reason I needed the activity points was because I went nuts and put butter on my corn. What a loser! Not tonight!!

Have a healthy day bloggers!


  1. I think KFC is so freaking gross. When I was a kid I remember being excited when my neighborhood best friend was having it for dinner because that meant I got to eat it too. A couple years ago I was wondering if it was as good as I remember, so David and I went and got some. OMG it was nasty. Never been back since. David felt so sick after he ate it too. Never never again. If I was forced to eat there, I would only eat the mash potatoes. Even those aren't that good there.

  2. I hardly ever eat fast food anymore. I wasn't crazy into it pre-WW's, but I would have it on occasion, but since being on WW's I can probably count the number of times I've had it on one hand!

    I'm wondering if my garmin isn't calculating calories burned right, I ran 6 miles (almost 10k) this morning, and it said I only burned around 450 calories...hmph.

  3. Oh, FATINAH! I think you're so adorable! That's not a snoozer of a post! I love hearing about your "everyday" life! Whoooo, yeah, butter on the corn! Living loca, chica! Look at you! I love how you add up your points and just do what needs to be done. You're an inspiration! And as far as the KFC, you can imagine how I feel about THAT! Innocent little chickens all dismembered and piled up in a cheerful looking bucket! As if!

  4. I'm so proud of you for pausing the DVD to get a walk out! How totally awesome is that?

  5. I totally agree with you about the KFC. Fast food in general to me is absolutely disgusting. I hate it.

  6. I feel like such a loser. I like KFC. There potato wedges are yummy! Maybe that's what got me where I am. WTG on pausing the movie and going for a walk. You rock!!!