Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Floodgates Opened....

when, as suspected, no one liked my soup (spinach tortellini). Daughter, it seems only likes cheese tortellini (I used rosemary turkey) and husband doesn't like spinach. And so, the tears started, as did the ranting about how that was it, I'm not making supper anymore this week. Oy....I have since deduced that I am having the worst case of PMS I've EVER had. And of course, I didn't stop eating after the soup (which is now in the garbage).

I tossed, turned, fretting in my sleep last night. Woke up with a really bad headache. A hangover type headache, except I didn't drink last night. Ugh.

The good news in all of this? I'm back on plan. I was reading a blog this morning and the gal had a day on plan. I thought - hey - I'm going to do that to. Have today on plan. Just one day.

Sometimes I overwhelm myself with the grandeur of the journey ahead of me. You know, having a healthy lifestyle for...EVER. But, one day I can do.

I have a Stampede party to go to tonight. I'm going to wear my new boots. If I think of it, I will take a picture before I go out.

Fitness today is my last personal trainer session. Monday I start my new class (which is run by my personal trainer). Here is the class description:

"The Fast Track Body Makeover is a 12 week class designed to take your fitness to the next level. This intensive class will include 3 full body weight workouts a week, 2 informative workshops on topics such as nutrition, ongoing support from a certified trainer, group motivation, body composition testing and a great booklet of information and so much more! This class is designed for those who have taken Fast Track before or are experienced weight trainers"

I'm quite excited about it because it means I will be using weights an additional time per week. It will also be SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than the personal trainer sessions. The design of the class will be quite similar to what I do with personal trainer now.

I will also do the bike for 30 minutes. I need lots of activity points for tonight. My plan for this evening is to alternate my drinks starting with diet coke (alternating with water), then a wine. I get full quite easily from liquids, so that should make sticking on plan easier. I'm sure they will have some food there - Stampede buffets aren't very plan friendly, but I will do my best to a) make the healthiest choice possible and b) make appropriate portion choices

Well, I must get some breakfast in me before personal training session.

Have a healthy day bloggers!

PS: The blender saga ended when I emptied the dishwasher and found the seal in the bottom....


  1. i think that soup sounds really delish and i'm glad you found the blender seal-thing... :o)

  2. I think the soup sounds fab too! Maybe you just need to have Jodi and I over next time?

    And I hate those "I've been crying to much" headaches...had one of those this week too!

  3. Well, I think the soup sounds fab. It's difficult trying to cook for people...hard to please everyone's palates...but I'm certain it works FAR more often than not for you, m'dear. Sorry it's been hard the last few days, but I really admire how you deal and then move on, with plan in place. Your class sounds awesome, too! I wish I had the courage to take a class...

  4. We all have those days...sorry to hear your family poo-poo'd you on the soup...I hate it too when I work hard on something and my DBF doesn't like it. Boooo to them!

    But it sounds like you are over it and personal trainer is going to help motivate you to stay on track tonight.

    I've never been to Stampede and I'm so jealous of your fun cowboy boots! Enjoy yourself!!!

  5. You've got the right idea in working on just one day. I know that most of the weight loss plans say to plan a weeks menu and so forth but that can be overwhelming at times.

    Glad you found the remainder of your blender. Hate to see things like that go to the trash and have to buy a new one only to find the missing part later.

    Sure hope you feel better by now. Poor baby.

  6. Oh sweetie. Come here...(((((HUGS))))). You really did know how I felt, didn't you? Well I'm better, and I hope you are too. I hope your weekend just simply ROCKS! You deserve it. And that class sounds amazing! You go to the coolest club!

    Take care, little lady.