Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm not dead!

Goodness gracious! I have been working and I no longer no how to manage my time! I haven't even considered blogging, cause I've been too busy being overwhelmed!

Let's see. Did my weight training class Monday & Wednesday before work. Been working full days. Vegged Monday night. Last night did a fast 5.7k walk (well, fast for me). Tonight I did a good just over 11k walk with my walking group. I actually ran home which was just around 1.25k. It just poured rain on us. But that didn't stop us!

I was glad to start a new WW week today. Last week was disastrous. I was over by around...20pts. I am totally freaked out about being so close to my goal. Anyhow, moving on, moving on. Certainly being back at work for this little contract has been a challenge. I'm not used to having to "find" healthy alternatives. Hats off to the gals who are working often, or every day and making the plan work.

My puppy has been spending his days at a doggy spa daycare. He is so cute. He is completely spent by the time we pick him up because he doesn't stop the whole day. He gets so excited even when we drive up to the building. The ladies at the daycare just laugh at how hard he plays while he is there. He has been fast asleep on the couch since we brought him home at 5:30. He won't move now until we wake him up to pee before he goes in his kennel for the night.

I guess that's all I have for tonight. Hope you had a healthy day!


  1. Busy Busy girl!

    I think that is what I love about WW's (or at least what WW's has taught me) is that everyday, every week, every month is a new chance to be eating healthy, so if you mess up, no big deal, you have another chance tomorrow!

  2. Ah, that's cute about your dog! How adorable! I am so psyched by how hard you work at your exercise! You INSPIRE me...maybe I should join a group of fellow fatties trying to exercise and drop some pounds. Never actually THOUGHT of doing that before. I've really enjoyed the friendship of my little cyber group here (you, Kim, TigerLily) I really need people I can see and feel? Maybe...

  3. We missed you but I surely do understand finding time to get everything done.

    You are awesome on your activity. Sure wish I had half your willpower.