Monday, July 14, 2008

so much to say....

Husband & I had a real taste of what our life will be like after daughter goes off to University. She was out all weekend. It was weird. Anyhow - what follows are all my thoughts - in point form - feel free to skim through....

* Hellboy II - OMG - what a movie! I enjoyed it much more than the first movie - which I had enjoyed thoroughly!! It was funny and great story - and great monsters....The only thing I found distracting, and you'd have to be a Stargate Atlantis watcher to even potentially think this - was that the main "bad" guy looked quite similar to the Wraith. Husband said they were going to do a third movie- I can't wait!

* Cleaning bedroom - we finally got started on our spring cleaning. Husband & I took advantage of daughter being gone for the day and we cleaned our bedroom top to bottom. Two bags of stuff to throw out and two bags of clothes that we dropped off at the donation center. We washed walls. I found 5 new pairs of pants that I fit back into. Anything that didn't fit - too large OR too small - was either pitched or given away. All that is in my closet are things that I can wear. It felt so good. The next day we did the linen closet and top hallway.

* Work out Monday - OMG. That little brat trainer decided to add some cardio to the mix. It was so challenging and yet a hoot. I have to tell you all in excruciating detail, so feel free to skip if you're already nodding off!!

She set 4 stations up. We were to spend 4 minutes at each station and then move to the next one. We did the whole circuit twice.

First station: 1 min of squats on the bosu (3 squats then jump 45 degrees, then 3 more etc until you've gone around once and then reverse directions), 1 minute of step up and out on bosu (this is the cardio), 1 minute on your knees on bosu (feet off floor) doing hammer curls, then 1 minute of the cardio for that station again.

Second station: 1 minute of hamstring curls on stability ball, 1 minute of knee ups through a ladder on the floor and running (this is the cardio), 1 minute of reverse sit ups on stability ball and then 1 minute of the cardio for that station again.

Third station: 1 minute of reverse lunges on the gliders, 1 minute of skipping (this is the cardio), 1 minute of squats while pushing one leg back 45 degrees and then 1 minute of the cardio for that station again.

Fourth station: 1 minute of tricep dips off the step (with 5 risers), 1 minute of step ups on the step (this is the cardio), 1 minute of push ups and then 1 minute of the cardio for that station again.

Needless to say I was drenched by the time we were done. Of course, there were stomach exercises at the end. Sheesh. What is scary is that she always makes the Wed class harder - I can't help but wonder what she is going to add or do to us!!

Not much else to report. Still really struggling with staying on plan. I think, and this is really silly, but....I think I need to switch back to my old journal.

* Tim Horton - now I am a fiercely loyal Tims drinker. Every day, without fail, even on vacation, I go get my Tims. For the 2nd day in a row, they haven't had any X-large cups. WTF??? I was quite mad this morning. Like I mean PISSED. I didn't say anything to the gal serving me, but I did ask if it was going to go on much longer. I mean, really. Do you want a large she asks? Well FUCK no, I want an X-large. Ugh. So, now I'm sitting here with a lousy large. Sheesh. Husband thought it was so funny that I was so mad. I, was not amused.

* Blogger Quilt: While cleaning my bedroom, if you can believe it, I found the materials I wanted for my square. I'm just thinking about how best to put it together. I'm not a sewer at all, but worse, I'm not creative. Fear not! Something will come to me.....eventually!

Well bloggers, I should get to my day. I have some blog reading to do. I'm halfway through the Closer. OMG! I just love that show.

Have a healthy day!


  1. were SO productive!! Good for you!! Being your neighbor to the south, I'm not sure what a few things are...for instance, what's "Tim's?" And what, exactly, is "Stampeeding?" Awesome job on the workout, too! You rock, girl!

  2. You were simply amazing getting so much done! I seriously need to clean bedrooms too - both mine and my girl's, and will hopefully wind up with lots of stuff for the donation center!

    I moved my blog recently, so here's the link to my new home!