Wednesday, July 16, 2008

2 pointing myself to death...

It is not news that I have been struggling the past few weeks. So close to my goal and I just can't get my shit together.

I start my days strong. Full of commitment and plans for fitness and health. I eat breakfast, then by the middle of the morning, actually, not long after I eat, I get...peckish...and then it starts. I need a snack, so I get something for two points or so. But, that doesn't do it. More 2 points or worse, I stay peckish till lunch where I overeat. Spend too many points. Of course the pattern repeats in the afternoon. By the time supper time hits, I have 3 or 4 points left. Which means I go over with dinner and then later in the evening, when all is lost and I'm over on points, I think "I'm over anyway...."

I've looked at the evidence. My food journal. I mean, what's the point of writing this shit down if you never look at it.

I read/heard two things yesterday that made me re-think my 2 point philosophy.

The first: I finally got around to watching last week's episode of X-Weighted. My good buddy Paul told the gals that were on the episode not to bother buying things that were full of whole grains, fibre, low cal, low fat, only 100 calories (2 pts anyone?) yada, yada. "These companies are not charged with caring about your nutritional needs. Along with a whole grain, are a bunch of additives and preservatives that the body doesn't need. Their job is just to sell a product." (That is likely not the EXACT quote, but you get the point) He went on to tell the gals to only buy food that was grown (fruits, veggies, meat). Never go down an aisle. Shop the perimeter.

The second: an e-mail I received from Jillian Michaels (Biggest Loser). I get her daily mailings. I don't often read them, but this one seemed timely and topical for me. It was about grazing. Eating all day, lots and lots of little things. Mindless eating. Never paying attention to what is going into your body. Never paying attention to how you're feeling (are you hungry?). She called it constant indiscriminate eating. I've been doing that.

I have, of course, some 2 point foods. I will finish them, because, well, I can't afford to just throw food out and also, they are tasty treats! I will not, however, be replacing them. I am going to make an effort to shop the perimeter. I will still need to have a snack - that is just good sense - but it will now be a piece of fruit, or cheese, or almonds. Not something out of a box. And I am going to make an effort to identify the snack in my food journal. This should help make it a conscious decision and not just auto-pilot.

I am also going to use 2 flex points a day to cover one snack and 2 activity points a day to cover the other snack. With my daily points, I should be able to have 3 quality meals. This will give me some flex points to use for special occasions that come up. And it will keep me moving everyday - since I need to earn the two activity points.

Last night I wanted my family to go for a dog walk with me. No one would. I was mad. Fine, I said. We are going to be a family that just sits. You can just go husband volunteered. No thanks I said. I don't need another activity that I do on my own. We will just sit. No problem (of course, it was).

40 minutes later, I'm almost asleep on the couch from inactivity and husband says - let's pause Stargate and go for a walk. I smile and say great idea. Daughter of course, wouldn't go. But we did, for 40 minutes. I felt so much better after. I know he did also. Sheesh.

Class this morning was the same as Monday. A drencher.

I am waiting around today for a telephone repair dude. We can make calls but not receive any. What a pain. Can't tell me what time - just anytime today. Goodness.

Let's see. Oh, I have mom & her husband coming for supper tonight (lamb, pork & rice) and I have to go do a quick 20 walk with the Running Room. Fun times.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. I know this can be a pain but have you ever sat down at least the night before and figured out what you were going to eat the next day? Start with the three main meals, figure their points and then add the snacks. If it were me I'd start with the evening snack because I like that one the best then figure how many points are left and add a morning and afternoon one. Of course make those healthy choices like half a cantaloupe or something. That is sure to fill you up. Cara has started making herself a fruit bowl for lunch and having some cheese with it and she says that it keeps her from wanting an afternoon snack.

    I think shopping the perimeter of the grocery store is an excellent idea. Course oatmeal is awfully good for you and you'd have to hit the isles for it.

  2. That is so nice of Jillian to email you! :) Glad your classes are working out so well.

  3. oh that Jillian would email us all personally DAILY huh?

    then we (the royal) would have zero excuses :)