Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I blogged I would stay on plan yesterday.....

and after supper daughter says to husband - can we go to DQ? He says sure, I could go for a cone. I'm thinking - crap - that is 7 points I don't have for a sundae. Seriously. That is what went through my head. So, we sit and finish watching whatever we were watching and I'm thinking the whole time. 7 points I don't have for a sundae......oh, wait a minute - just because they are going to DQ doesn't mean I have to get anything.....so instead I ask husband if we can stop at Starbucks for me to get something, since I don't have points for a sundae. Sure he says. You see, the problem is never that he won't be accommodating. It's me. Thinking because they are going I HAVE to get something also. So sad. Anyhow, I try the new Starbucks Double Shot on Ice...or something like that.....for 2 points. And 2 points I had.

So, bloggers.....ALL that to tell you all that the only points I ate over and above my daily points were my activity points (60 minutes weight training and 20 minutes bike).

Today I worked. I really struggled with the munchies. I went down and bought an apple. Exercise for the day will be a 90 minute walk with walking buddies. It sure looks like it is going to rain, so I'm going to wear a cap.

So, I was all dressed up like a cowboy waiting for my 2nd bus to come when I find out it won't. There has been an accident and the bus can't get through. Now I have to walk home. Sheesh. Cowboy boots and all. I make it home, finally, 30 minutes later. I think it felt longer because of the boots and the heat. Poor me. :-(

Have a healthy day bloggers!


  1. I have been here 9 years and still have no Western clothes. I get a kick out of people who go all out. It just isn't me. Man, the smell of pancakes everywhere in the morning downtown. Damn them and their bacon too!

    Thanks for you blog. It is a reminder that staying on a food plan can be done.

  2. Great job on stopping at Starbucks!! I'm really proud of you.

    Walking 30 minutes in cowboy boots? Are your feet sore? Mine would be unless the boots were really broken in.

  3. LOVE the Doubleshot on Ice (try it with vanilla instead of their classic syrup). It's my new friend when DBF is drinking 8000 point frappucinos. Good job for pulling that off while the family chubbed themselves up on DQ. :)

  4. Ha! You DID it! Wasn't sooo bad, right?! Wow, what a strong girl you are...didn't you just feel a wee bit fantastic when they were downing their DQ and you were there slurping on your very acceptable Starbucks?! I hope so...you're impressive, FATINAH!