Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Picture of MOI

One of my walking buddies found this great picture of me finishing the race! I'm the gal on the right in the red top with a blue jacket tied around my waist....

Behind the fellow in the orange shirt is a fellow in a black shirt being held up by a gal in pink and a dude in red. He was a half marathon runner that had completely collapsed right before the finishing line. The paramedics were on their way to get him, and in the mean time, those two helped him over the finishing line so he could get a time. I've never, ever seen anyone that spent before. Of course, I've also never seen anyone that shade of green.

Oh, and I officially need an intervention with these Starbucks Double Shots on Ice. OMG - they are SO good. I'm sucking one back now. And YES, I have the points!

Anyhow, I digress. Just wanted to share the picture that will be going in my race scrapbook.


  1. Awww...look at you!

  2. Sweet! I always wonder how some people can push themselves so hard that they can't even operate their legs anymore. Now thats Mojo!

  3. Cool photo. I had to get out the old magnifying glass though. So which time on the top of the photo was yours?

    That's really amazing that you ran in a marathon!! I can't even imagine that I'd ever do something like that.

  4. Go you! You look so happy!

  5. intervention :)

    I need one as well.

    in coffee in general.


    that's a life goal for me.

  6. Good pic! Not often you can actually see someone's face. :)

    I LOVE those Doubleshots and honestly for 2 points who needs an intervention?!! I spend at least 2 points on random beverages every day so I'm happy to use them on one of those. I love them with vanilla!

  7. What a neat picture!!

    I almost feel bad for the poor guy that had to be helped to the finish line - but why wouldn't he listen to his body and take a rest???

  8. This is a much better picture than the one I have in my head of you walking home in your cowboy boots!

  9. Oh, that made me want to cry that they helped him over the line. Very selfless of them! Congrats to you for kicking some 10k ass!