Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Clarification for Fatmom!!

A "Tims" is the best coffee ever! (http://www.timhortons.com/en/index.html) A common phrase heard in a Tim Horton store is " I will have an X-Large double double". OMG - they are so good that way (two cream & two sugar). I never order them NOW, but that is how I used to drink them!!

Stampeeding.....well, The Calgary Stampede (http://calgarystampede.com/) comes to town the first Friday of July and runs for 10 days. What is interesting about the Stampede is that our city transforms into the Wild (and I mean WILD) West for the 10 days. Everyone wears western clothes, the parties start at 7:00 a.m. and run into the wee hours of the night. Local folk lore says that there is a high number of divorce after Stampede because everyone gets so out of control. I don't know how true that is, but certainly I've seen some stuff to suggest it might be. The city is quiet right now, since everyone is recuperating!! I'm not from here originally, and even though I have now been through 20 of them - I'm still amazed every time!


  1. Ha! I'm with Fatmom... I've never heard of Tim Hortons! LOL

    I cant WAIT until I see Hellboy.. I was a HUGE fan of the first one. I bought the DVD and watched it 20 times!

    YEAH... I'm so glad you found your inspiration for the quilt square! I'm excited to see what people do!

    Have a great day!

  2. I can't believe people haven't heard of Tim Hortons! I do know it's a Canadian Company, but I figured we had them here in Detroit that everyone had them....guess we are kinda close to Canada! ha ha!

    I think the best coffee ever is Dunkin Donuts!

  3. i wouldn't say it's the "best" hahahaha. it is good though. especially those double doubles. i have been a "milk and sweetener" girl for years haha.

  4. I've only heard of Tim Horton's through blogging. I think last year I must have asked somebody (maybe even Fatinah) what a "Tims" was.
    It's amazing how different a few hours' drive can be!

  5. You know I have a tim's right by house and I've never been there. EVER! I've lived here for over 12 years. Strange.

  6. It was erie-ly (sp?) quiet downtown this morning. I didn't even have a single solitary pancake. I did however have a corndog and a carmel apple on the grounds. Hahaha

  7. AH! Got it! Like how we have Starbucks?! Where are you, exactly? I know Canada, but...hey, that's a lot of land, eh? My only experience with Canada is from the old movie, Strange Brew with Rick Morannis (sp?). Lots of Canadian bloggers...I don't know why Americans make fun of Canadians...we must be jealous, because every Canadian I've had contact with has been a wonderfully talented, successful and fun loving person. Thanks for the clarification, FATINAH!

  8. I worked at Timmy's when I was younger.
    Definitely agree...XL DD to go...is the best! I don't drink them anymore though (well, rarely) because of the calories & they're addictive. One always tastes like MORE to me :)