Friday, July 11, 2008

I can't believe that

I didn't even think about blogging yesterday. I worked a full day (daughter was Stampeding, so, no need to work a short day) and then went shopping with husband right away and then got busy at home, and.....before I knew it it was 10:30, I was in bed and I realised I forgot to blog!

Yesterday I was treated to lunch by a co-worker. Indian Buffet. Yum, yum, and yum some more. I had two modest plates, but was still stuffed when I was done. So much so that we didn't make supper last night. Husband had eaten so much at Mother Tucker's buffet that he nodded off at the lunch table after he was done eating!!! (huge eye roll!)

We needed a new DVD player - the one we had was so old that it would stall the DVD when it hit the security features. I just got Stargate Atlantis S4, and I almost had a stroke at how hard it was to watch because the DVD kept stalling. So, we now have a new DVD player. And a new TV. Don't ask.

Setting all of that up took the whole evening, and so I forgot to blog AND exercise!! Anyhow, the controversy now in the house are the 50 billion remotes we have......

Oh, and I need to clarify. I only walked a 10k race - which is what the finishing picture was. My time was 1:31. There were marathons and half marathons going on at the same time.

I had class already this morning. I also had my measurements and weight and calliper test. They aren't going to give us a % of fat, they are going to give us a range of health. Trainer said the % doesn't mean much anyhow, because it still depends on where it is distributed. This test takes into account my height, weight, age, BMI, waist circumference AND the distribution of fat as well as the %. I will go over the categories you can get when I report on my results. I already warned trainer that after all my hard work with her these months, I'd better not end up in the lowest category. She laughed.

What I found particularly exciting was that I weighed in at 147. That is only 2 lbs from my goal. Since I'm the slowest loser known to man & woman, I know I'm still weeks away, but I have hope!

Let's see...what else. Mmmmmm...nothing, I suppose. I'm on my way to see a tattoo artist today. Did I tell you all that daughter drew a really rough draft for me? Well, she did. My tattoo will be this: my family tree of the women in our family. So, it starts with a long red rose (Nanny), then, along the stem among the leaves will be flowers representing Mom - Daisy, Me - Canadian Maple Leaf (cause being Canadian freakin rocks!), Sister #1 - well, she chose to be the leafs to represent her place in the family (supportive, always around, but not too close....), but I have decided to represent her with a Sunflower also, cause that was the game, and she likes those, Sister #2 - blue rose (she is the one who is pregnant, so if she has a girl I will add a butterfly by her flower till said niece can choose a flower), daughter - Orange Cala Lilly. Rough draft below.

It will go on my foot. I think it will look beautiful. And it will be meaningful. What more could a gal want?
Well, I must away. Need to update my food journal, be thankful it is a new week and I have flex points to cover the butter chicken ;-), and clean up my house a, we are the messiest family!!
Have a healthy day bloggers!!!!!


  1. what a great idea for a tattoo - i'm all for body ink myself (have 4 of my own)... i seem to have gotten all mine at different stages of my life, might be time for a new one... ;o)

  2. I LOVE the tattoo.
    That is freaking awesome - love the meaining behind it and its really pretty.

  3. I have only been to an Indian buffet once, in Oklahoma City while visiting my grandfather. Needless to say, I fell in love. And now, I thank goodness that it's 1000 miles away so I can't sneak over there every day!

  4. Congrats on the new DVD player and TV. I had one of those busy days yesterday and didn't get my exercise in either so I know how it goes.

    Love the idea for the tat. I have only one and probably won't get another one but I have given it some thought.

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous! Love it!

    I hear you on the remote thing. We got one of those universal Harmony remotes, and it may have saved our marriage. My hubby is a tech junkie. Me? Not so much. So everytime we got a new piece of equipment, I would rage about having to learn a new remote. I would literally have temper tantrums because I couldn't turn all that crap on to watch my shows! So this Harmony remote, you can program it with macros so that when you hit an activity, like Play XBox 360 or Watch DirecTV, it turns on only the things you need. Most Excellent!

    My work is taking an outing to an Indian buffet at the end of the month. I'm so excited/scared! Yum!!!

  6. That is hysterical about your husband nodding off.

    2 pounds from goal is awesome!

    And I think your tattoo is very interesting, Fatinah. :D

  7. The tattoo looks lovely! I really love the meaning and thought you've put into it. Congrats on only being 2 pounds from goal! You must be so jazzed! I've never had Indian food. Sad, huh?

  8. lovelovelovelovelove the tattoo idea.

    not surprising though coming fro me ;)